Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What do you find in a Round House???

Well, let me tell ya...

This amazingly sweet little lady invited our whole crew over when she found out we were homeschoolers...We were in for a treat! She and her adorable husband spent an hour and a half entertaining us. He is Tongan and she is Hawaiian. Together, they had and raised 14 children, no wonder our crew of 14 kiddos didn't seem overwhelming to them!
She makes the instruments they are playing for us....the harp was a favorite for most of my kids. I am missing a couple of kiddos today, Wyatt was sick and Myles so sweetly offered to stay behind to watch over him. (I think it's because he isn't a music lover, but I'm just gonna believe it was because he didn't want me to miss out on this incredible experience!)
Her husband is playing while she has this "little stick guy" dancing about...the kids loved it!
So you've probably already noticed this gorgeous floor. It is in the center of this round home. When we first arrived she had each of the kids stand in the center and say or sing something. It is called a Vortex and they could actually "feel" it when they spoke or made noise. It was so beautiful to look. She cut all of this out to be the centerpiece for her home. This home, by the way, had been a dream for them for many, many years. It is still somewhat under construction, but so amazing to walk through! From the outside you'd never guess the treasure that awaits you inside!
This was precious...Natalie had been standing just watching and listening and the next thing I know, she walks up ever so sweetly and puts her hand out just to feel underneath. Then after being satisfied, backed up and sat down to watch again.
This is a Psaltry...Bryce had a moment to take a turn at it. It's similar to a violin sound, but without all the SCREECHING noise that happens. It was really a beautiful sound to listen to.
Danielle and Cassie giving it a shot.And then comes the harp, they each had a turn to pluck away. The girls so desperately wanted one...and for a meager $4,000 I could purchase one for them. Not enough pennies in my pocket, so not today :( But if money were no big deal in my world, I'd have purchased one on the spot, without giving it a second thought!)
Great field trip!
Back home for lunch and out to a couple more places, (which I'll share soon) and then a little down time, the heat was so much that we just needed a break... and then we received an amazing break ~ all of a sudden a huge rainstorm hit...My little ones ran out and in just moments they were soaked to the bone, water dripping right off the ends of their little noses and so full of smiles.
What a fun end for an afternoon!
One of my very favorite thoughts I will leave with you tonight and then I'm off to bed...tomorrow is another adventure!!!
It's not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.

(When it pours again like last night, I am so totally dancing with all my kids out in the rain and then maybe we'll go for a skip around the block! It might take a little convincing for my boys, but my girls will be all over it!)