Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

My Almost EXODUS...followed by a little fun!

Well, it has been a good few days here, but I do have to tell you the hasn't all been roses, I have experienced a few thorns!...My kids decided to show their TRUE COLORS the day after their Dad had returned home. Maybe this is a normal reaction to knowing you won't be seeing your Dad for a couple weeks, don't really know and to be quite honest with ya, I didn't even really care by the time half that day was gone. I had really had about all I could take that wonderful Wednesday, when I somewhat calmly told my children, "Get your shoes and head to the van, you heard me drop your books and head to the van with your shoes." As they entered the van and began to speak to me, I quickly told each of them that they did not have any priveledge to speak, that there would be complete silence in the car. Well, they must have sensed MY TRUE COLORS at that moment, and I have to say, there wasn't a word uttered in that vehicle until I finally spoke. I called their poor Dad, over 1,500 miles away, sobbing like a complete crazy woman...telling him I was heading back, packing up our bags and we would be on the road in a short time. I continued to tell him everything that had happened and how disappointed I was, he spoke (or maybe yelled) at the kids and that was all there was to that. We drove for a few hours in almost complete silence while I pulled myself together and then headed back...I was bound and determined that we would do NOTHING at all when we returned, but my dear friend talked me into taking them out. I do need to thank her. Because I received just what I needed to that day and it helped me to just relax and think about the work that I am here doing...being a's not easy work at all, but it is the very best work!

We toured the Visitors Center of Old Nauvoo, it was beautiful.

And then headed out back for the beauty that filled my heart that evening and spoke to my very core. It was a garden filled with beautiful brick walkways, flowers and bushes, trees and benches, and truly the most beautiful statues eyes have ever feasted upon. It is called the Monument to Women Memorial Garden. I loved each and every statue there and would love to have any one of them in my presence. There were a couple of them that stood out to me on this very difficult day of being a mother.

Because being a Mother truly is filled with so many Joyful Moments!!!

This one really hit me, as it was my sons that I was having the most difficulty with this particular just reminded me that I am preparing my sons...I am helping them become the best men they can possibly become. This requires patience and love and understanding...and they desperately need me to love and understand them and to have patience when they are misbehaving. This is a scripture I plan to re-visit with them and hope to engrave it on their hearts and in their minds. :) And a thought that I hope to keep dear and near to my heart...I am preparing my sons and they will need my help and love.

On Thursday, we headed out for a day of fun!

First on the list to do: The Family Living Center

We did so many fabulous things here...I'll tell you about each of the photos below! This place was a hit, with the exception of our poor little Wyatt, he had a raging fever and headache this day...but he was still a pretty good little trooper! Being a Pioneer was fun for the day, but you sure do see the tremendous amount of work that went into their lives each day. The physical requirements of the Saints was so much, and the Spiritual matched or exceeded...I am in awe!

We learned all about the art of barrel making...a profession that took eight long years to master. It paid them a whopping 1 -2 dollars per day! It required patience as they shaped and perfected each barrel...just as Christ is patient with us as we are perfected in His hands.

We saw the process of flax and wool and watched as a rug was woven. Danielle related this to how Christ is intertwined in the very fibers of our lives.

We tasted some yummy bread that was baked earlier that day in a bustle oven used in Pioneer days. She taught us that Christ is the bread of our lives and if we will listen to Him, our lives will "Rise" just as the dough rises.

We saw the process that the Saints went through to make candles...dipping and re-dipping. Each of the kiddos were given a small candle to take with them to remind them of how the light of Christ makes us happy and makes others happy.

This photo (which would have been so great had it turned out a little better) is of the kids making a rope. They had the coolest contraption to make these ropes and the part I loved the most is that the kids had to work together to make it turn out correctly! Team Work...LOVE IT! The Elder told us just as we were finishing "Our Rope" that when our family is bound together, just as the rope, we are stronger!

This last photo, also another in the group of shots that didn't turn out so great, was where we watched a demonstration of pottery making. The Elder spoke of the story told in Jeremiah, Chapter 18, about the potter and the relation of us as clay in the Lord's hands.

Well...that about does it for tonight! Gotta go be a momma now. But wanted to share some of our fun after our disaster day. I sure do love my job, and I guess it does take the hard days to help us appreciate the really great ones!