Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Our 3-Hour Visit to the Dentist...

So what did you do with your day? Our afternoon was spent at the dentist office doing all the checkups, cleanings, x-rays, etc.
Last week we did one of the boys since he's away at Scout Camp this week --and today was the day for the other 5 of them.
I sure was hoping we'd get out of there without any incidence, but no such luck.
We have to go back for all 6 kids!!!
Luckily all the boys are only in need of sealants, our oldest daughter (at home) has one little cavity...the very first ever and she's a whoppin' 16 years old now! Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!
But the little girls are a different story...I was quizzed (very nicely quizzed, by the way) on how much candy they eat, how much juice they drink, if I had given them bottles to go to bed with as babies, blah, blah, blah, blah....
Very little candy happening around here, I'm too cheap to buy juice for them to drink and never had bottles in this house (especially filled with juice!)
So they determined, must be genetics!
Why couldn't I pass on something fabulous to all these adorable kiddos???
Have to give them my bad teeth ~ so very sorry kids!
Actually on second thought, I must have passed on something great to our kids ~ it passed me right by ~ but they're getting it...tall, long, skinny bodies ~ not happening in my body...I saved it up and passed it on is all I can say!!!
Oh well, I am determined that our next big visit to the dentist will have an outcome more like this!!!
One great thing to think about is what fantastic smiles they will have all their lives after all the dentist and orthodontist visits...
it will all be worth it, right???
Maybe after they all have great looking teeth, I can go get some of my the time that happens, they might not be my own teeth anymore!
But I guess brushing would be pretty easy...just plop 'em in a cup, let 'em soak, give a nice little brush and voila ~ Bright, shiny teeth without any cavities or visits to the dentist ever again!!!
Is that really what I have to look forward to??? Hmmmm....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I Just Couldn't Do It...

I really tried to just get out some ugly thoughts and all it did for me was to make me feel all ugly inside...aaaaauuuuggggghhhhhh!!!
Leaving my last thoughts on this blog should never be a negative feeling or give a negative feeling to anyone who might share in my moments of writing. So very sorry to you! make myself feel just a tad better -- I have to share a wonderful, positive thought with you. That will be sure to make us all feel just a little happier inside.

Well, I could share something with you that makes me smile each and every time I go out driving, it seems I can spot one just about every trip I take, whether to the grocery store or the bank or for a drive with my family...
Can you guess what it might be?
It's really rather silly, but we joke about it being the happiest car on the road.
My girls totally agree with me, but my boys are quite sure I've lost my mind!!!
Well, here it is...
Don't know that I really would ever invest in purchasing such a car, but I'm lovin' the yellow...isn't it just the happiest car you've ever seen? No, not the most expensive or the most luxurious, just the happiest!!! And it has that adorable little vase right by the steering wheel...I could have a happy, fragrant flower riding along with me everywhere I go ~ sounds heavenly!
If you were sitting beside me in the car, I'd have to Slug Bug Yellow ya ~ and lemme tell ya, I'm a little bit of a pro! I have lots and lots of practice with all the competition happening in this family!

Please bear with me...

I need to write and gripe for just a brief moment or two and then I'll be all better and I can move on and smile at the world...but at this precise moment, I don't feel like smiling at much of anyone! Whoa, I'm a little too crabby to be writing, but if after all is said and done -- I feel better, it will have all been worth it. Or will it? Will I have guilt for being such a crabby woman, for expressing it outwardly, instead of just dealing with it all inside? Will I regret the blatant, obvious rebellion I feel at the moment for trying to be a nice person? Will I wish that I hadn't written this, admitting to anyone reading, what a huge grouchy person I can be?
Not sure, hope not, cause the whining is about to begin!!!

Don't know what it is about this day in particular, but it's feeling a little like a "pick on Stacey day" for some reason. (Would you like to join in on my pitty-party?) I know I'm being a little pathetic today...that's why I asked you to bear with me in the beginning.

Have you ever just had a day where you are pretty sure that you don't really matter in this big, wide world? That you were meant for walking on, looking past or just simply not worth the time of day???
Or maybe it's even more than that...
maybe the real feeling deep inside is that it is up to you (ALWAYS) to adjust your life, your schedule, your ideas, your thoughts, etc. etc. to make life a little easier and better for those around you, because heaven knows they must be a little more important than you. You can surely change everything you have going on to accomodate their needs.
(That may have been just a little too much honesty coming from my thoughts through to my fingers and finally onto this blog)
Should I erase it?
Should I leave it?
Hmmmm, Maybe it will help someone else, so I'll just leave it...
(wow, that actually felt kinda good, I'm just a little worried how it will feel a couple of hours from now...better hit publish quick, before I chicken out and erase it all...)

Okay, I've whined, I think I might be a little better.
Gonna take myself on a walk up and down my lane a few times, since I can't actually leave my yard (leaving my little ones alone!)
I think when I'm done there, I'll be healed...
Breathe in, Breathe out...
it's just one day and tomorrow will be a little brighter. :)
Thanks for bearing with me and my whining moment!

I am already feeling a little guilt and it's only been a couple of minutes here...I truly do love to help others (it gives me such great joy). I guess what makes me unhappy is when it is expected of you to always do everything, to bend over backwards and when you don't meet exactly what someone else might wish of you, there is a great amount of disappointment and discontent shared with you. Well, anyway. Like I said, tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Please share any bright, happy stories with me...I'd so love be uplifted by YOU! Thanks :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

How I Love the Sound of THUNDER...

As I'm sitting here this evening with my windows open allowing all this fresh air the opportunity to just pour into my home, I have the pleasure of hearing deep thunder in the distance...

Not too close, just close enough to be pleasurable.

Yes, I am just a tad tired of all the rain, but an evening rainshower accompanied by thunder and lightning is a different story. There is an element of pleasure in the sight and sound of the storm.

I might just stay up until I can no longer hear a thing ...
I am so enjoying the quiet, calm peace that we have in our home and want to relish in it for as long as possible and love that I have at least one more storm to enjoy. Listening to the raindrops hitting the leaves outside my window is truly a treasure, one that I might have missed had I not taken the time to slow down and enjoy the moment.

The only thing that might break this moment or two of peace and enjoyment will be a little child being frightened by the sounds, but I'll so happily wrap my arms around that little person and share the feelings of enjoyment with them so that someday, they too, will see the beauty in a stormy evening.

Moving day -- or not???

Well, today was to be our official moving day. But I am obviously not moving since I am posting this blog at the moment. Not that I really wanted to move...but now we are back in the limbo phase of life and that can prove to be a touch exhausting.

Life is just full of excitement!

I would love to pick a flower and do the whole "He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not" routine and just change the words up a bit, maybe something along the lines of: "Moving, Moving Not".

Well, only time will tell and I'll be sure to tell you when I have something solid to go on. Until then, I'll be sitting here with my flowers, "Moving, Moving Not???"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Technical Difficulties...And a Beard???

I truly did not and have not forgotten about posting all the fun photos from Farm Chicks...Just been having a few technical difficulties ~ which is not an abnormal thing for me. I just need to get a kid or two to help me out and I'd be set! Gonna work on that one tomorrow :-)

Hope you've all had a beautiful Sabbath Day...the sun was perfect...we spent time outdoors this afternoon after Church and loved every single second of it!!!

But the start of my day was less than desirable -- laughable, but again, less than desirable! My little ones came in bright and early to spend some snuggling time with me (which I always LOVE!). But much to my dismay this morning, one of these sweet little angels, looked at me with quite a serious look...oh dear! Here's what came out of that adorable little 7 year old mouth, "Mom, I'm afraid you are growing a beard!"
I'm pretty sure she meant a moustache...but still, how troubling!
I've been checking myself out pretty seriously each time I waltz past a mirror today!
What's up with this -- Just doesn't seem very fair...Getting Wrinkles, Still Break out like I'm a teenager or something, and NOW I'm growing a beard (moustache)! Something is very wrong here!!!
Oh well...such is life...might as well just smile and laugh when I see that reflection of mine in the mirror & just let that moustache of mine shine!!! All I ask of you dear friends is that the next time you see me, just pretend I look fabulous and that this wonderful face of mine is wrinkle, blemish and moustache free and all will be good!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away...

So...what do you do when the rain just will not let up, it's been raining for days on end ~ with no end in sight... and you feel anything but "Up"?
Well, if you have friends like might just take off at a moments notice for a six hour adventure! Maps in hand ~ ready to take on the world...
It started out as kind of a joke with an email that my sweet friend sent me -- saying something to the effect of -- I think we should jump in the car and head to the Farm Chicks Antique Show in Spokane.

Hmmm, twist my arm a little harder...
needless to say...that is just what we did! Made a few arrangements, gave out our kisses and hugs, packed a change of clothes and out the door we raced!

No we did not drive this adorable old milk truck...but I think I might have! It was just too cute to not have a photo of!
Tomorrow I will be sharing some really great photos to uplift and inspire you...just being there is an leave and all you can think of is what can I create, what could I do? How cute would it be if I...
So, be looking for some fun photos ~ should be arriving tomorrow if I make it to the store to purchase batteries to download the pictures from the camera...keep your fingers crossed that I won't forget!

This is my dear friend, Corrie, isn't she just adorable!!! This was just as we were leaving to head back home to our families...Yes we are a little goofy in this photo. A sweet little woman took our photo ~ check out the hair pieces we've got goin', too could have one for the mere price of $78.00. We didn't really purchase, but had a fun moment with our little crowns happening. Thought my little girls would love this picture and I was totally correct in this thinking ~ they think I'm soooo cute, I think I look a little "crazy" or something -- don't know what was up with that smile (maybe it was the fact that the sweet little lady taking our photo was struggling and I was therefore struggling to keep a smile happening on my face) Well, at any rate, I had to share this photo because it was such a fun QUEEN moment.

Well, with any luck at all, today will be the last day of our rainy season ~ I thought we lived in Idaho??????? Not sure what is up with all this rain, I'm way ready for the SUNSHINE on my face, but I do have to say the grass sure looks lush and green! So, the rain is good for something -- we have to look for the good in all things (I'm proud of myself for finding one with the rain, I had to dig way deep inside myself, but the positive was there...hooray!)

Until tomorrow (or the next day, if my tomorrow is a blur...) Can't wait to share my other photos with you ~ you will absolutely LOVE them!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Froot Loops

Oh to be a little person again...

It is our baby's birthday today -- she is FIVE!!! How did that happen???

Anyway, this sweet little thing had the simple request of Froot Loops and a Toucan for her birthday gift! And guess what...she was thrilled when Froot Loops arrived on the kitchen counter for her this morning!

To be so happy with such little things ~ She's been on Cloud Nine the whole day ~ just a little happy birthday singing, some smiles, a toucan (the plastic type!), and a box of Froot Loops, which she happily shared with her brothers and sisters (I think there may have been a touch of regret when the entire box was gone after breakfast, but that's what happens with this big ol' family!)

I've been thinking since then, what makes me that happy? Wouldn't it be great to be so pleased, just as a little child, with the sweet simple moments of life!!!

Have a beautiful day!