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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Our first days in Nauvoo...

Sunday we attended church in Nauvoo and after church did a little walking around.
Showed the kids the Nauvoo temple and the Mississippi as well as walking through a small section of Historic Nauvoo. There is a Monument erected for those who lost their lives…we found a Sarah Lytle listed and are curious to find out more about her and her family members. The sunset over the Mississippi was sensational and I can’t wait to have a few photo moments there…
Monday Chad and I along with Bill and Lynnelle attended the 9 a.m. endowment session. Walking into the Nauvoo temple was incredible…words could not do justice…photos don’t even do justice. Sufficeth it to say, that this is one of the most wonderful places you could ever visit and until you are here experiencing it first-hand you are missing out on a treasure of your life.
After attending the temple, we enjoyed a yummy lunch together and then ran back to grab all the kiddos, throw ‘em in the vans and hurry down for our wagon ride pulled by two fabulous horses – Jed and Jasper,
each weighing in at a whoppin’ 16-1,700 pounds! The ride took us all through Historic Nauvoo and along the banks of the Mississippi. Then off to ride behind the oxen…quite a jolt to begin with and then just a nice, slow gentle walk.

The older kids and Dads went to the temple and did 117 names…woo-hoo! They loved it!

Tonight we ended our evening with a fabulous show called “Rendezvous” put on by the Couple Missionaries…it was a fantastic show…everyone loved it. At the end Natalie and Cassie just had to have autographs – adorable! We’re planning to go back again for another night with their books so they can get all the autographs their little hearts desire.

Just as we were leaving the show, we decided to head up to the temple for a couple photos and to take in the beauty one more time before our hubbies head back home. The rain started gently falling and the lightning and thunder were in the distance. Truly beautiful!
Just a bit later in the evening, a wonderful storm hit cooling the weather down substantially. Rain, thunder, lightning and a much welcomed breeze blew through helping us to recover from heat and humidity that we are not accustomed to.

The only thing that is somewhat difficult at this point, is the exhaustion that most of us feel. The kids are a little on edge and with driving what feels like non-stop, we are just a bit on edge ourselves. I’m grateful to have a great deal of time to spend here…and very thankful that it doesn’t all end for us in a couple of days.
I’m praying that after a little rest, our cooperation and understanding will be a little more prominent and we'll all be just a little less cranky and full of all those fabulous smiles again! Other than that…this has been a wonderful experience so far. Full of moments that cause your eyes to just runneth over! I actually keep wondering if I will cry everyday I am here (maybe the better question would be to ask, How many times a day will I cry???)
A few photos of the kiddos to enjoy!!!