Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Science Fair Projects!!!

Well, that time of year rolled around again,
finding the Lytle family deep in the world of Science and all that we could learn from it.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Science Fairs!!!

Seeing the creativity of all the kids does it for me...
Once a year, we hold a Science Fair for any and all homeschooling families in our area, this year
we had little ones from the age of 3 or 4 all the way up to teens participating.
This is a time that the kids can shine in their own special way, sharing what they love and the things they are interested in learning about.

Now it's show and tell time for's what my kiddos did!

I have to say that one of the projects for my kids wasn't what I would generally classify as a Science Project...but if you take a look at the picture below, you will know that what was learned was worth more than anything else in this world...
two brothers
who usually
prefer dukin' it out
with one another
were working side by side on their project...

it was all about bikes ~
because that just happens to be what rocks their world...
but they did a great job. 
They showed the differences between the various bikes we have in our garage, as well as the difference in bikes from the very beginning of bikes...
which, in their opinion -- is one of the finest creations this earth has ever seen!
They went into the braking system and the various kinds of brakes you might find on a bike.
They also covered the suspension...didn't know there was so much to all of this, but they did and they were happy to share it.
Coming from a household of boys that LOVE to ride and jump and sail through the air...I am grateful that they at least have an understanding of how their bikes operate. 
Cutie-Pie Boys!!!

Our next Science Fair entry was all about Islands...
what forms them, where they are located, the favorite island of my sweet little girl -- which happens to be Coconut Island, and the differences between an island, a peninsula and an isthmus...
Unfortunately, I didn't capture her moment of showing one way an island could be formed (with the sea level rising) as she poured her pitcher of water over her landscape forming various islands, peninsulas and isthmus'...but it was cute ~ she did a great job.
And check out her poster board (this is just the center section of it, I wanted you to be able to see it up close and personal!)...
she's an artistic little one! 
I think she had a great time learning about the islands, the only problem is that she wishes to go visit them and I can't make that one happen. 
I guess that's what books and google are for, right?  :0)

And the final entry for the Science Fair from the Lytle Family...
was all about Oceans and Seas.
Pretty dang cute! 

And just like our other little girl, this one wishes to go try out swimming in sea water.  She did an experiment with two eggs and two cups of water...what she was trying to see was whether an egg would float or sink in "regular water" and the same with the "salt water"...
Sure enough, the floater happened in the salty water, which represented her oceans and seas and the one in the regular water sank like a rock!  She thinks going to the Dead Sea would be the best test for her body...I'm thinking that might not be the case, I wonder if she'd settle for a swimming pool filled with salt water???

Well, until next year...or until one of them gets a wild hair (which could be as soon as tomorrow or next week) we are officially done with Science Fair Projects.

History Fair is next on the radar...
I wonder what kind of fun we'll come up with there???