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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, September 17, 2010

The Final Leg of our Driving Journey...What an ADVENTURE!!!

Again, here are my typing efforts as we are on the road...Enjoy! :)

We are one Babe Adams Highway in Bethany, Missouri…next stop Nauvoo.
As we are driving along, my hubby asked do you wanna do something fun? Sure, what? Let’s pull over and tip over one of those big hay bails. Random! Oh, speaking of random, Danielle has two wishes, one of which was just fulfilled. She needs to hear an “accent” and she needs to see fireflies. Well, the accent just happened, but it sounded much like going to Star or Kuna, hick accent is all it was. I think we can find better.

So the question to answer…why did God not deliver Joseph and the others from Liberty Jail? Why did He allow them to stay in such horrid conditions for 4 months? Why was all of this necessary? Was it so that the sections from doctrine and covenants could happen, they could be written, possibly so that Joseph would have the time to “slow down” to hear, to feel, to receive revelation, to write. To make available for all of us the counsel found in these sections. I am eager to spend time reading these and to come to my own decision why this refiners fire had to be so hot with such a humble and obedient man, a prophet of God. If his fire were this raging, what will be required at my hand, at the hand of my husband? At the hands of our children and our loved ones?
“All these things shall be for thy good” scripture and the scripture on "virtue garnishing our souls" came to him at Liberty. Danielle commented on how interesting she felt it was that during a trial such as this that the topic of virtue would come as revelation. I have always loved both of these scriptures and now feel a deep need to have them prominently displayed for myself as a constant reminder of what God would have me do and focus on…knowing that all that I might experience in this life is what I need to be for my good.

(Guess I just couldn't get Liberty Jail off my mind as we were may see more...who knows!!!)

Back to a driving moment ~ This will forever be embedded in my mind!!!
We are on an amazing road, I think this could definitely be turned into a massive roller coaster with little to no effort!!! It might be something pretty fabulous if we weren’t concerned with hitting deer, but it feels a little like one of those spook house rides with things jumping out in your face…not a very comforting feeling in the dark…
So to avoid dealing in reality, I’m throwing chocolate ding-dongs in the back seat to my kids and yelling out “look alive” as they come flying at them. Just a little before that I turned around to my little Cassie and Natie and we had a giggle fest. My hubby and kids are against me in this life…I just know it! They are hoping we can jump the van into mid air as Dad steps on the gas and we go flying…this is a great source of entertainment for all of them, but for me, well I guess I’m just a little fradey-cat!

Oh dear...we have a detour ahead sign...our hubbies seem to not see this sign, that or they just choose to ignore it and pretend it wasn't really there. As wives and mommas to all these dear little children in our vans, we sit patiently, hoping that we actually make it all in one piece tonight...Will we turn around, will we go forward and ignore this sign???? In moments we'll know (drum roll) Well we are officially GOING FORWARD! What is wrong with this picture? I’m truly wondering what it is we are about to pass over, what adventure lies ahead and just how crazy this night will end up…We’ve now hit a sign that reads road closed 2 miles ahead, local traffic only…what will happen, will we decide that we are local traffic and go for it? Will we turn around and head back for the main road? No, instead we turn off on some little road on the side with the simple marking of EE.

What could EE stand for? My mind is racing…and then the kids join in...EE: Eternally Endless route perhaps? Especially exciting? Extra edible, externally entertaining? Ebsolutely Emazing? Bill turns down a dirt road…labeled 190th st. (does something seem wrong with this Street name to you???) and my hubby is right behind!!! I’m feeling a little worried about this…are we gonna do it? Are we turning around? Well, it is decided we are turning around to head down the closed road for 2 miles, I guess we are officially local traffic… We came up with a great one Edifyingly Entertaining! or how about Epically Entertaining. It’s hysterical to be on these back roads, up until now it feels that we have been on nothing but very long, straight, flat roads. We hit this area and it’s up and down and around and our hubbies think we are on a ride, a roller coaster ride! We are quickly approaching the unknown and we are officially going to “check it out”. Now the sign reads road closed 500 feet and again we go on past the barricades and up to the end for the famous U turn … we’ve done more U turning today than I have done in my entire lifetime! The kids are now certain…We Are Lost! I have to admit I’m beginning to wonder myself. Oh dear…now down another dirt road, this one is 220th…hmmm…do we know what we are going? I’m so glad we are always up for an adventure...we just filled up our gas tanks and we still have some twinkies and ding-dongs available!
Will wonders never cease….we just intersected the first dirt road we went down and turned around at. They are labeled like they are main roads in a large city…very strange! We just went over a WOODEN BRIDGE, sure glad we weren’t too heavy. Okay, so if the roller coaster ride wasn’t enough before, now we get to do it on dirt roads! A few minutes into our new found fun, we return to a main PAVED road, just gotta wonder at this point if this is truly the road we are supposed to be on…only time will tell!
Well, we made it through all of the craziness, but we are still busy driving…it is now 2:16 a.m. Sat night/Sun morning. Just went past a sign after hitting a little town called Alexandria that read Impassable during high water…. Wow! The signs are around here are something…think we are lucky we are coming at this time of year. One of the amazing things here are gas prices, just filled up for 2.49 per gallon, that was the lowest we’ve done so far…yippee for us!
Crossed over the Des Moines River and into Iowa. Hopefully there in about 30 to 45 minutes. Sleep is over rated anyway, right?! Now we are crossing the Mississippi River…darn all the kids are sleeping and back into Illinois, we so need to see this in the daylight. First sign we see says Alcohol Limit is .08, Idaho’s is something like .01. Hmmm…
Illinois – Land of Lincoln.
Just saw the first sign that leads us to Nauvoo…hooray! Only 12 miles to go…I can’t believe it! Not sure of this since it is as dark as the inside of a football, but I do believe that we are traveling along the banks of the Mighty Mississippi under an incredible canopy of trees. Wow!
Another sign reads…LAND SLIDE ZONE…

We've arrived...oh my...our first view of the Nauvoo Temple deep into the night...stunning, magnificent, full of splendor, breath-taking...

You must see it for yourself to really take in the glad to be here! 3:00 a.m..