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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Journey Continues...

Just passed by JOHN WAYNE’S Birthplace…Desoto, Iowa…my kids are missing out…mental note to self ~ rent a John Wayne Movie for these kiddos, when we passed the sign, several of them said, “Who is John Wayne?” Oh, I’ve failed!!!
One thing we’ve loved looking at are all of the water towers as we’ve driven through all of these states. They funnest things you can imagine, others have created! We just passed by one that made me smile…It was a giant smiley face, even yellow to boot! Wish I had taken photos of all of these fun water towers. Another silly thing we’ve noticed is the difference in the windmills here compared to the ones we’ve seen previously. The shape, size and height all differ. These are much shorter with very thin, pointed blades and the blades appear to be attached to what looks like a little airplane. Kinda funny! But they are still white. We just passed a sign showing a Danish Museum with a Danish Windmill, but we’re not exiting off…too many things to do, so little time to do them all in and worse yet, not enough money to do all that is available. Have to be choosey and this one didn’t get the thumbs up from the crowds!!! Bummer, I think it would have been adorable…

Spent last night in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The kids went swimming, I did some blogging. This morning we ventured out to The Sioux Falls Park to see the falls. Beautiful place. The water was raging. Danielle spoke to a lady who lived there and she mentioned that they had been experiencing some pretty serious flooding and that it was unusual to have the water flow we saw. How lucky we’ve been each place we’ve visited! (not so lucky for them to have the flooding, just for us to see the benefit of it) We got some great shots of the kids having a good time. (I'll be uploading them soon, still in the camera and the camera is in the car and I really don't want to head out in the dark and can't have anyone else, like my sweet hubby, do it for me, cause they are all snoozin' ~ the snores are happenin' in this room tonight!!!)

We are on the road again and the next stop we’re planning is to hit the World’s Only Corn Palace in Mitchell, South Dakota. AMAZING!!! They actually rebuild the outside of this palace each year with corn cobs that have been cut in half and then nailed on. Sounds kinda silly, but I’m telling ya, it was pretty impressive! Seeing it up close is the best, because the detail is outstanding. (Photos coming on this one, too!)

Off to Rapid City…it’s a Loooonnnnngggg way…well, not really, but to our kids it’s feeling like a loonnnnggggg way. We’re trying to work on our books of Nauvoo and all that we’ve seen and learned over the past few weeks. I’m loving the work our kids do…so sweet and they really have paid attention and gained so much from being here.

Another stop along the way…we are famous for stopping to see all the cool things that are along the way. It’s not about arriving to your final destination, it’s about the journey there. We just visited an amazing place…The Pioneer Auto Show in Murdo, South Dakota. Not just an auto show, but a fantastic world of antiques! You name it, it was probably there! And right smack in the middle of…nothing! So many treasures, the boys were in boy heaven looking at all the Muscle cars, Danielle just loved all the old trucks, the little kids ran around doing a fun little treasure map following clues that led them from one building to another looking for the most exciting things little people can search for…kept them busy the entire time while everyone else had a great time seeing their favorites! (lots of great photos coming here, too!)

Okay, I have officially found my very favorite fields ever! Fields full of giant sunflowers, they are starting to die off, but with my imagination I can “see” just how miraculous this must be as they are in full bloom! Someday, I’d love to see that, I’m sure it would just take my breath away! Why don’t we have these in Idaho? Maybe that would be a fun thing to start!

We’ve arrived in Rapid City…biggest city I’ve seen in a long time…makes me a little more ready to be back to the Boise area…we could see lights for the longest time before we actually arrived. Cannot wait to sleep tonight and tomorrow will be a fun one ~ we’re off to see Mt. Rushmore and a huge array of other sights. Should be a fun one – and we’ll be back to the mountains, it’s been a long time since we’ve all seen mountains.
Well, time for a little shut eye...sure hope I can sleep with all these little snoring bodies all around me! If not, I'll be up and back at it and maybe I'll even venture out in the dark to retrieve the camera for all the great shots I left out of this blog. Until then...keep smiling!

The Journey Home...part 1

After leaving Nauvoo, we spent our first night in Des Moines, Iowa and visited the most amazing store! Bass Pro ShopsI have no idea how many pictures I took in this store. The artwork that filled the walls was breathtaking and the wildlife displays were done so beautifully.

Suspended from the ceiling were so many beautiful scenes, from looking up under the fish and the boats to the birds flying through the air, such a treat everywhere we looked!

This store actually put the Cabella’s from Wyoming to shame, hard to believe because it was pretty spectacular in itself, but this was really the best! We spent over an hour there and I think we could have been there half of a day. Not a single kiddo was ready to leave, including the biggest one -- Dad! hehe :)
On one side of the store they had an amazing restaurant and bowling alley. But this was no ordinary bowling alley, just take a look! Anyone would want to take up bowling just to bowl on these alleys. It was set up as an ocean scene.
These were the lanes you bowl amazing ~ looked like the ball would just go right into the water full of fish and all -- and check out the ball retreival area ~ Scary!!!
Suspended above us, was an immense variety of ocean life coupled with a shipwreck nestled just above a freshwater tank filled with Nemo’s and Dory’s. Wish we could have tried our hand at bowling, but it was almost as much fun to just marvel at their creativity! And check out a couple of the fun bowling balls! Nestled between two areas of bowling lanes was another fun area for families to play together...had to get all the boys here!
And to end this fun place, I'll show you a few "fun shots" :)
"Come on, Daddy, I REALLY want one, please???"
"Come on Daddy, I really want one, please????" Ditto for the next two photos...
Until we reach this changes just a bit here..."COME ON MOM, WE REALLY, REALLY WANT ONE, PLEEEAAAASSSEEE???" Now this is some serious luxury...a boat that looks like this? The furniture in our home isn't this cush!
A fun way to start our day of driving...and we're off...what will we see next? What a journey!!!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sarah Granger Kimball Home

This was a beautiful home with a spectacular view...the Nauvoo temple was such a sight to see as you peer out the front window or walk out through the door.

As I looked at the fireplaces these women cooked their meals on, I felt a sense of guilt at having my thoughts of "oh my word, I have to cook another meal" at least I get to do it in a quick and easy manner. All I have to do is go over and switch on my gas stove or oven and voila, I have instant heat, none of this fire stuff day in and day out. And then the long flowing dresses to contend with on top of it all. Many a woman suffered horrible burns and some even death after their dresses caught fire. The worst that happens to me is I burn myself now and again, but it's just a finger or something simple. (Note to self: I need to be more grateful for the ease of my life.)

This was amazing to on earth would a person have been able to come up with the pattern for such an intricate piece of work. Still beautiful after so many years! Makes me wonder how many little people slept under this blanket made with so much love and care...

Had to share this photo, even though it's a bit fuzzy. See that wonderful little door? Doesn't seem like anything too spectacular or special, but oh it was! This home had two closets in it. Having a closet in your home was not a common thing. Only the wealthiest of people had closets in their homes. As I think about it, I don't remember seeing any others, wish I'd have checked that out a little more in a couple of the larger homes. I do remember seeing closets in the Mansion House, the home that the Prophet Joseph Smith and his wife, Emma, lived in for just 10 months before his death.

Another shot of the whole crew...we were quite a sight for so many of these sweet missionaries...I think we may have scared some, but after being with us, we warmed their hearts and they loved us, almost as much as we loved them!

And here are a couple of extra shots of some of the beautiful furnishings of this sweet home.

Post Office and Mercantile

The Post Office was a fun one...not only a post office but a friendly mercantile as well!
Much like our post offices today. But the letters were a different story. I would absolutely not want to try to decifer what this sweet note is trying to say. To save paper and postage, they would write one direction and then the other direction. Confusing as can be!

The mercantile was a great addition to the post office. Lots of pottery and creative little things to make life just a little easier for the saints.

The recipe below was the Pioneer form of "Gatorade". Think I should give it a try to see what the kids think...they all curled their noses up just a bit at the sight of ingredients!

The kids all took a stab at carrying the water barrels...We laughed when Natalie was up, the barrels didn't even raise off the ground, she's just a smidge too short for this chore, we'd have had to leave this one up to the boys and oldest girls.

Webb Blacksmith Shop

The Blacksmith Shop was a favorite...first we learned how the wagons were made, from the boxes to the wheels, another labor of much time and effort went into each wagon.

We then moved into the "next room" where we saw how the Blacksmith would work the metal to create the needed items. Again, one of my very favorite Elders was here with was so fun to see them as we traveled from one area to another and so great for the kids as they would recognize and talk with each of them.

Here, he is just finishing up a horse-shoe for us. Made it right before our eyes, the boys really enjoyed this one and we visited again when Dad returned...this was high on the list of favorites! We were pleasantly relieved to find out that the blackening done back in the 1840's is no longer practiced, they did use horse manure, and now the items are nicely dipped into used motor oil. Much less nasty odor than the previous!!!