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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Journey Home...part 1

After leaving Nauvoo, we spent our first night in Des Moines, Iowa and visited the most amazing store! Bass Pro ShopsI have no idea how many pictures I took in this store. The artwork that filled the walls was breathtaking and the wildlife displays were done so beautifully.

Suspended from the ceiling were so many beautiful scenes, from looking up under the fish and the boats to the birds flying through the air, such a treat everywhere we looked!

This store actually put the Cabella’s from Wyoming to shame, hard to believe because it was pretty spectacular in itself, but this was really the best! We spent over an hour there and I think we could have been there half of a day. Not a single kiddo was ready to leave, including the biggest one -- Dad! hehe :)
On one side of the store they had an amazing restaurant and bowling alley. But this was no ordinary bowling alley, just take a look! Anyone would want to take up bowling just to bowl on these alleys. It was set up as an ocean scene.
These were the lanes you bowl amazing ~ looked like the ball would just go right into the water full of fish and all -- and check out the ball retreival area ~ Scary!!!
Suspended above us, was an immense variety of ocean life coupled with a shipwreck nestled just above a freshwater tank filled with Nemo’s and Dory’s. Wish we could have tried our hand at bowling, but it was almost as much fun to just marvel at their creativity! And check out a couple of the fun bowling balls! Nestled between two areas of bowling lanes was another fun area for families to play together...had to get all the boys here!
And to end this fun place, I'll show you a few "fun shots" :)
"Come on, Daddy, I REALLY want one, please???"
"Come on Daddy, I really want one, please????" Ditto for the next two photos...
Until we reach this changes just a bit here..."COME ON MOM, WE REALLY, REALLY WANT ONE, PLEEEAAAASSSEEE???" Now this is some serious luxury...a boat that looks like this? The furniture in our home isn't this cush!
A fun way to start our day of driving...and we're off...what will we see next? What a journey!!!