Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Do it anyway...

Can't sleep...keep tossing and turning...keep dreaming...or thinking...or something?

As I am lying here this wonderful song keeps running through my mind; 
wanted to share the lyrics with you. (Martina McBride)
What a beautiful message of hope and courage!

You can spend your whole life buildin'
Something from nothin'
One storm can come and blow it all away 
Build it anyway

You can chase a dream 
That seems so out of reach
And you know it might not ever come your way
Dream it anyway

God is great but sometimes life ain't good
And when I pray
It doesn't always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway
I do it anyway

This worlds gone crazy 
And it's hard to believe
That tomorrow will be better than today
Believe it anyway

You can love someone with all YOUR heart 
For all the right reasons
And in a moment they can choose to walk away 
love em anyway

God is great but sometimes life ain't good
And when I pray
It doesn't always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway
Yeah I do it anyway, yeah, 

You can pour your soul out singin'
A song you believe in
That tomorrow they'll forget you ever sang
Sing it anyway
Yeah sing it anyway, yeah, yeah

I sing
I dream
I love anyway, yeah. 

Sometimes life doesn't seem to be going in the direction we might have planned...
okay, most times it doesn't...
It doesn't always turn out like I think it should...
I question "WHY"
and find myself wanting to have a fit like a little child saying,
"Hey, this isn't fair!"
But I am coming to learn that during "these times" I find strength I didn't know I possessed.
I find the courage to keep dreaming even when my dreams seem foolish and unattainable.
I am finding it easier to pick myself back up, dust off my britches and forgive those who've knocked me down a notch or two.
I find an inner peace that comes from continuing to look up and forever opening my heart to what may come.
I am thankful for this little reminder than can sweetly sing away in the back of my mind prodding me on to
build it anyway,
dream it anyway,
believe it anyway,
and sing it anyway.

I will keep doing it all anyway, I know that there are great things in store for me, I can feel a change coming...scares the bajeebers right out of me...but I am ready and I will do it anyway!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Come What May...

and LOVE it!

My dear friend, Corrie, gave me a framed copy of this beautiful saying as a Christmas gift.

It could not have come at a more appropriate time in my life...
not that life is awful or disappointing or falling apart.
It is just changing.
It is challenging.
It is complex.
It is unexpected.
It is demanding.
It is intense.
It is unknown...

Sometimes the unknown is the very hardest part of all...
IF we knew what was around the next corner, we might find ourselves less apprehensive of the walk.  But...that is not the plan,
we would fail to grow.
Because, guess what???
We have the CHOICE to make that walk or turn around and not ever take a single extra step...
We really don't have to face that "scary corner" that lies ahead...
we could bury our head and avoid it OR we can push our way through with eagerness and courage!

I'm not sure what is coming.
I thought I knew...
I was excited,
I felt all giddy inside,
I was anticipating something BIG to be on my horizon.
I was ecstatic at the thought of living out part of my dreams, life sometimes shows us...things are not always as they seem.
In looking at some opportunities in life, we fail to see the BIG PICTURE...
Quite possibly the big picture for me wasn't fitting all together quite right...
a few pieces were missing,
or perhaps,
a few too many pieces were lying on the side of the puzzle not fitting in quite right.
Whatever the case may be...
I've decided to keep looking up...
keep believing,
and keep dreaming that AMAZING things are coming my way.
I'm just going to have to work like the dickens to bring them on...
I don't think they are going to walk in and plop themselves right into my lap (as it appeared was happening...maybe that saying "if it sounds/looks to good to be true, it probably is" was quite in effect)  Bummer!!!  Hate it when that happens...

the good news is...
I have thoughts, I have dreams, I have determination, I have the will to make something OUTSTANDING come to pass...

I just have to roll my sleeves up and get to work!

your eyes watching...
This little girl is going to tackle the world and I plan to give it all I've got!

Come What May and LOVE it...

Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Most Beautiful Birthday...

The Christmas Story Told by Children and Youth

Please click on the link above and take just a few minutes...just shy of watch the most precious video you will ever see!

A little girl narrates the story of the birth of Jesus as a beautiful slideshow of the Savior is played...her sweet, simple thoughts on life and people are priceless and right on!

Merry Christmas to each of you...may you reach out to others in love and share your sweet smiles with everyone you meet during this season and the year to come!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh no, What's Wrong???

Have you ever received one of "those phone calls"?
The one that upon answering the phone -- the first words out of your mouth are, "Are you okay, what's wrong?"

Just yesterday, I was blissfully returning from a fabulous field trip with my kiddos and settling in for a little writing time when one of "those" calls came in...Unfortunately from my husband!

After work, he and our oldest son decided to go tackle a mountain or two.  Things didn't work out quite as he expected.  I understand the need for adrenaline, I understand that these boys need to be boys (no matter their age), I just wish they could get that adrenaline rush in a little safer way; one that returns them just as they left.

Now I need to just add in that this is not the first time I've received this heart-stopping phone call...I have no NEED to feel this adrenaline rush, yet it is forced upon me by all these boys of mine!  I have to stop and catch my breath each time one of them is hurt (luckily there have been very few times, but not a one of them is good for my heart!) hubby and his motorcycle had a little spat mid-mountain;
Chad lost...
he is now toting around a fancy little set of crutches!
Nothing is broken, his pride took a pretty substantial hit...but is still intact...whew!!!
His knee is a little unhappy, but will be okay soon providing he will relax and stay off of it.
This is where I come in ~ if he won't stay put, I'll just have to plop myself right on his lap and keep him there against his will.  And he can't do a thing about it, hehehehe  :0)

In the past I have always told him that I am happy to give him all the attention he needs...again I gently reminded him that there are easier ways than hurting himself to have me attend his every need.

I'm beginning to think he must enjoy me hanging around and waiting on him hand and foot.  Is there something alluring about your wife "serving" you?  Hmmmm....I'm wondering if that could be an adrenaline rush in itself???  Gonna have to think about that one a little...

Speaking of waiting on him hand and foot...the most adorable thing happened last night...The little girls came in and whispered in my ear asking me to wake them up early so they could make breakfast and a little card for their Daddy ~ they asked their Daddy to sleep in a little so they could get up and do something tasty for him ~ then they turned back to me and whispered, "We need to be up early, so can you wake us up at 10:00?"   I just had to giggle ~ sweet little things!!!

Well, I've probably taken away enough time from this adorable man of I'm going to go back to doting on him and try to sneak in a few safe ideas for that much desired adrenaline fix he simply must have in life; wonder if he'll buy any of them???  Good thing I love him so much or I'd have to hurt him!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Magical Gifts...

Tonight I had the pleasure of putting together a Christmas Party for the YW in my ward. 
HOW I LOVE these little ladies!

We started off our evening with their angelic voices singing the sweetest of Christmas Hymns.
I then posed this question: 
"What makes Christmas Magical for you?"
The responses were wonderful, so tender and cup is overflowing!   
As I listened to them,
I could not help but reflect on my first realization of the beauty of this season and the reason for it...
I had always loved Christmas prior to this moment in my life...
I hadn't known what I'd been missing all those years...
I didn't know or understand The Magic nor did I know to be searching for more.
Looking back I can scarcely recall what I loved about this season...
possibly the hype and the excitement...
but it now holds a deeper, truer, intense understanding and love for me...
I find myself yearning for the music, the images, the magic, the beauty of this season. 
I love to spend time reflecting on the life of my Savior and the love, innocence, and faith of his mother, Mary. 
I feel so drawn to her.
I often wonder what it is about her that attracts my attention and makes me wish to be just as she was.  She and I share the same sacred role of motherhood  and as I think of her, my heart breaks...
I know the love she felt for Him, because I have felt that same love for each of my own children...
I cannot imagine the blessings or the struggles Mary faced as the mother of the Christ Child.
She was truly called of God to bring Him to earth, to love Him and raise Him to be all that He was meant to be; I believe she was prepared for the trials she would endure as she watched Him suffer for all.

Her faith is a source of strength and wonder to me! 
How I wish to emulate her ...

Moving on with our wonderful evening...
Each girl brought a little wrapped gift
that was placed in the center of the room. 

We had a blast, laughing and giggling, as I read aloud a story which caused us to pass the gifts from the left to the right and the right to the left and back and forth and all over the place... STORY at the end of this post...if you want to have some great laughs with a small or large crowd ~ YOU must do this...way FUN!!!

After our little "game", the girls loaded up plates of goodies while I gathered letters that had been written for each of them.  This night was to focus on the INDIVIDUAL GIFTS of each of these special young ladies!  My goal was for them to have something to turn to in moments of doubt or sorrow ~ letters to remind them of their worth, of the beautiful gifts and talents they each possess, of the love others have for them.  Each girl received a letter from another girl in the room, a letter from her parent, and a letter from her YW leader.  (This also counted toward her Personal Progress for Individual Worth) 
As the girls enjoyed their goodies, I walked around delivering each letter to the girls.  They began reading them and as I watched, there were girls laughing, then crying, then just smiling sweetly.  PERFECT!!!  Mission accomplished ~ Yippee!!!
My wish is that they will keep these and go to them during low times in their life...I know that during times that I struggle I find strength and the courage to keep pushing forward from the belief others have in me.

I will end this with the gratitude I have in my heart for Magical Moments...
Tonight truly was another to add to my list.

I know that we are put in certain places at certain times for certain reasons and I am certainly pleased that I have been placed here to work with these special girls ~ What a blessing they each are in my life!



It was a beautiful Christmas Eve. The snow was falling. Everything seemed just RIGHT for the evening. There was enough hot chocolate LEFT to share with Santa, RIGHT there along with the plate of cookies Mrs. Wright had LEFT by the fireplace.

Everything was so perfect, that Mr. and Mrs. WRIGHT decided it would be a great time to drive across town and deliver Grandmother WRIGHT’S Christmas gift. Grandmother WRIGHT had not LEFT her home for a week. She was down in bed, as a bout of flu had LEFT her RIGHT weak.

Mr. WRIGHT and Mrs. WRIGHT LEFT RIGHT away in their bright red car. They had just turned LEFT out of the driveway when Mrs. WRIGHT said to Mr. WRIGHT , “Oh my goodness! I LEFT Grandmother’s present RIGHT there on the kitchen counter.”

Mr.WRIGHT quickly turned RIGHT back into the driveway so fast that Mrs. WRIGHT was forced to lean LEFT as he did so. No harm done, though, and she hopped RIGHT out of the car and LEFT her door open. Heading quickly into the house, Mrs. WRIGHT said over her shoulder to Mr. WRIGHT, “I’ll be RIGHT back.”

Their dog, Snowball, who loved taking rides with Mr. WRIGHT in the car, saw the door open and ran and jumped RIGHT into the car, RIGHT over the front seat, and RIGHT into the back seat.About this time, Mrs. WRIGHT showed up with Grandmother’s present and said to Mr. WRIGHT, “It was RIGHT where I LEFT it! In the kitchen.”

Mrs. WRIGHT was surprised to see Snowball in the car. Mrs. WRIGHT thought they had LEFT him in the backyard. However, Mr. WRIGHT had forgotten and LEFT the gate unlocked. Mr. and Mrs. WRIGHT LEFT Snowball in the back seat of the car as they once again LEFT their driveway for Grandmother WRIGHT’S home.

As Mr. and Mrs. WRIGHT drove along enjoying the beautiful scenery they felt as if they had LEFT all their worries somewhere else. It was Christmas Eve and they were surrounded, on both the RIGHT and LEFT with new falling snow. They were filled with that wonderful feeling that often comes at Christmas time.

Pretty soon Mr. WRIGHT’S car turned RIGHT onto Holly Street where Grandmother WRIGHT lived. As they approached grandmother WRIGHT’S, they could see she had LEFT her porch light on as if she had been expecting them. It felt RIGHT chilly when they stepped out of the car. However, they LEFT their jackets in the car as they thought they would be RIGHT back.

They could see Grandmother WRIGHT peeking through the curtains as they walked up her steps. Mr. WRIGHT and Mrs. WRIGHT were so relieved they had not LEFT grandmother WRIGHT’S gift at home. Snowball began to bark as he did not like being LEFT out of family outings.

Mr. WRIGHT and Mrs. WRIGHT walked RIGHT up to the door and knocked. Snowball, who did not want to be LEFT alone in the car was RIGHT behind them. Grandmother WRIGHT must have been standing RIGHT by the door because she opened it RIGHT after they knocked. It LEFT them almost speechless to see Grandmother WRIGHT up and about.

Grandmother WRIGHT said, “What a wonderful surprise!” What she didn’t tell them was how she had been feeling RIGHT sorry for herself all day, thinking that she had been LEFT out of all the holiday celebrations because she’d been ill.

Mr. WRIGHT and Mrs. WRIGHT were surprised too, and RIGHT happy at the same time to see that Grandmother WRIGHT had finally LEFT her bed. It was easy to see that her illness had not LEFT her weak, as she seemed RIGHT spry, too.

What a nice surprise for Grandmother WRIGHT. She had not been LEFT alone on Christmas Eve after all. Grandmother WRIGHT was so happy she wanted to celebrate what was LEFT of Christmas Eve. So Grandmother WRIGHT LEFT Mr. WRIGHT and Mrs. WRIGHT and went RIGHT into the kitchen to stir up a pot of hot wassail.

She said, “I need my glasses to see this festive recipe, and I don’t RIGHTly remember where I LEFT them.” So the three of them LEFT the kitchen and looked all around to see where she might have LEFT them.Grandmother WRIGHT soon yelled out from her bedroom, “Well, here they are, RIGHT here where I LEFT them!” Sure enough, they had been RIGHT there on her night stand where she had LEFT them.

While Grandmother WRIGHT checked to make sure she had all the RIGHT ingredients for the hot wassail, Mr. WRIGHT built a fire in the fireplace. It LEFT all of them with a warm festive feeling as they sat on the cozy stuffed sofa, listening to soft Christmas music and sipping their wassail, which Grandma WRIGHT served at just the RIGHT temperature.

Then Mr. WRIGHT LEFT for a minute to check on Snowball. He was fast asleep, RIGHT there on the doorstep where they had LEFT him. Mr. WRIGHT and Mrs. WRIGHT will never forget this special evening as they were LEFT with the true spirit of Christmas in their hearts. They knew they had done the RIGHT thing, by sharing their Christmas Eve with Grandmother WRIGHT.