Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

To pose or not to pose???

I'm a little too tired tonight to actually blog alot of's been a long couple of days. We are having the one part of the Nauvoo experience I would have been really okay missing out on! The Fever and Sickness that hit the Saints has also hit us with quite a powerful force ... Wyatt was soooooooo very sick yesterday. It hit him not too long after the car broke down. I don't really know what that's all about...seems just a bit unfair, but what do I know??? Not to mention yesterday was a scorcher and the humidity was like nothing I've ever experienced...So by evening I was feeling a little wiped out and ready for a great nights sleep, but that wasn't going to be the case. :( I was able to keep Wyatt's fever under control and his headaches to a manageable level of pain, that is until evening/night hit. It was so awful. As a momma, I just wish I could trade them places and let them feel great and I'll just take the yuck. It's just way too hard to sit with them and try to comfort little people when their fever spikes and the chills hit, then the throwing up, the delusional state hits and then hot and cold and cold then hot. They cry and want you to hold them, then it hurts to be touched.

I'm really not one to like giving med's to my kiddos or to myself, but in cases like this when even with the med's it's nearly impossible to keep them comfortable, it's a must.

So that is the reason I thought I'd just add a few fun photos to share and then I'm hoping to catch up on a little sleep... keeping my fingers crossed for that one :)

The whole group strikin' a pose on the stage that is used each night in Nauvoo for the "Rendezvous of Old Nauvoo" show.

Danielle by one of her favorite things in life...HORSES!!!! This was taken just prior to our Carriage Ride.

There's my little Wyatt...he had such a blast carrying this around dressed as a Pioneer. I'm not so sure that he would have enjoyed it quite so much had it been filled with water!!!

Here's my crazy climber, Myles...he went bounding up the pole just like it was nothing. Sometimes a Momma just has to close her eyes or look the other way. Not so sure I was cut out for all the crazy kiddos!

Speaking of crazy kiddos...Bryce is hysterical to me! He is forever taking all these goofy photos of himself and if a car can be included in the background, all the better. Pictured here is a "Smart Car"...well, if you can't tell, by his expression, Bryce feels that name isn't quite accurate...I'll let you use your imagination!

I'm tellin' ya, I have no doubt that we just come wired to be girls or to be boys. My little girls just flocked to these areas in the Pioneer Pastimes area where there was a huge variety of activities available to them to busy themselves with. I thought this was too precious to not share.

Natalie promptly walked up to this statue and folded her arms in prayer, just as the "statue family" was doing. So glad I have a camera and can capture these adorable moments!

Danielle and Myles goin' at it... he is one strong little bugger! I went against him, but spared you the photos as my over-sized hiney went flyin' in the air as he nearly yanked my arms from the rest of my body!!! I had to remind him that I AM THE MOMMA and he needs to be gentle with me and it would be nice if he'd just fake it that I am still bigger and stronger than him!

There's my little Casserific Girlie! Just before posing for this adorable photo, she had a little broom and was cleaning away. This is the school room. She spent so much time here drawing on the chalkboards and cleaning and just having another girl moment. Sweetie~Pie!!!!

And below, was another posing moment for a few of the is never dull! Now, I'm off to bed...hope we helped make a smile race across your face :)