Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, September 3, 2010


Does anyone else feel like they are ALWAYS WAITING...

Well, to make this waiting go a little faster for me, I thought I'd do something I LOVE and spend a couple minutes on here!!!

My kiddos are STILL outside trying to feed these baby cows, I would think this job would be easy by now, but for some unknown reason (at least to me) it takes FOREVER...THREE TIMES A DAY!!!

Anyway, moving on to other things...
With our 2nd day of school yesterday, I found myself marveling at the differences of my children. They all came from the same Momma and Dad, yet, they are strikingly different in soooo many ways. Just for fun (although 2 of them would have said, "Just to torture us!") I had each of us (myself included) do a writing prompt. Coming up with one that fits the many ages we have was a little challenging, but I THOUGHT I had come up with a fun one:
WHAT IF cows gave Rootbeer instead of milk...
Two of my kids wrote novels!
Two of my kids wrote one sentence while they rolled their eyes at me wondering WHY ON EARTH I WOULD TORTURE THEM WITH SUCH RIDICULOUS TASKS.
And the last two drew adorable pictures of cows with Rootbeer bottles for udders with funny little captions.

Oh my...the life of a homeschooling mother ~ certainly never boring! I'm so glad to have my kiddos here (even though they do drive me more than a little crazy from time to right now as they are STILL NOT DONE WITH FEEDING COWS!!!) But to know them inside and out the way I do is worth all the moments that I'd like to be locked into a padded room filled with nothing but me and a variety of delicious chocolates!!!

Can't wait to see what crazy things will happen today :)
Have a great one!