Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rodeo Time!!!

One of the great perks of being a 4-H leader is the free tickets we get for the rodeo. Tonight our family attended the Caldwell Night was an awesome night, but I did have to close my eyes a few times!

Our littlest one was hysterical. She just couldn't watch anything they did with the calves. She would turn her head or close her eyes. It was just too mean for her :)

But then, at one point, she did turn around and the little calf was roped around the neck and "hog tied"...she gasped and said "Oh, the poor baby is dead!" She was quite relieved when they let it go and she witnessed it running away. That whole experience was just a bit much for her, but then I do have to remember she is out 3 times a day feeding little baby cows, so she is loving them and can't understand throwing them about and tying 'em up... Have to say, I might agree with her, but it was pretty amazing to watch the speed at which they could accomplish such a task!

It was fun to watch our "horse girl"...she was way checking out the the end I asked her which event she liked watching the most at the rodeo. While she was thinking and I added in, "Other than the COWBOYS!" We all laughed!

It was a fun night, but I am sure feeling sorry for those cowboys...don't even know how they will move in the morning ~ I wouldn't be moving for a week if I abused my body in such a way!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

I couldn’t sleep last night, Maybe I was thinking about how old I am getting - no Just kidding!!! I still feel 20 most of the time, even though I have a daughter older than that!

As I tossed and turned, I thought about how fun it would be to think of 42 things about myself…that is one long list! But so is 42 years!
Yep, 42 today!!! Holy Smokes!

I thought of all the things that everyone who knows me knows, like I’m a mom, and a grammy and a wife and a teacher, and that I love to be happy and laugh, but what about all the “Other things”, the somewhat strange things people might not know, the things that I had to really think about.
It was kind of fun…you ought to try it for yourself! And you gotta do more than 5 or 10, cause that’s easy, it’s when you get down to the 30’s and 40’s that it starts getting tough!

So, here goes...You will now know more about me than you ever wanted to know!!!

1. I believe feet were meant to be free…never to be confined in tennis shoes…toes need to wiggle and dance about to be happy!
2. I think towels just out the dryer, so fresh and warm, are just heavenly to fold…or better yet to just lay down in the middle of!
3. There are a few sounds I love: I love the sound of rain outside my bedroom window as it drops from leaf to leaf, eventually falling to the ground. And I love the crackling sound of a fireplace. Finally, the most soothing and comforting thing I can imagine is the sound of gently cascading water…I love it.
4. I will always love Elvis Presley…have since I was 8, can’t stop now! His voice just makes my heart skip a beat!
5. I am completely addicted to crushed ice with lemon water – drink it all day long every day!
6. I am always the last one to finish my meal…probably because I play with my food (as my husband has so sweetly pointed out to me) looking for just the perfect bite.
7. Planning things to make other people happy totally fills my cup…one of my very favorite things to plan are Mothers Retreats and Conferences…I love giving to other moms who deserve to know how special they are.
8. I could watch the same movie over and over (if I have a little break in between) and sometimes not even remember that I saw it or if I do remember seeing it, I won’t remember the story…crazy!
9. But, I can remember phones numbers and addresses for most of our clients, even if we’ve only done them a time or two! And I remember all of my past phone numbers…why????
10. Bubble baths are probably the closest thing to Heaven I can imagine!
11. I am a control freak and make my husband ride behind me every time we go out on the 4-wheelers, I just cannot ride in the back…have to be in control of how fast we go, what mountains we climb or don’t climb, which way to turn on the trail…I’m terrible!
12. Birth is the most amazing thing to me…it doesn’t matter how many babies I have or how many births I am present at, I am always in awe at the miracle of life! What a beautiful gift!
13. Still love Rock ‘n Roll…Scorpions, Def Leppard, Guns & Roses, but my all time favorite will always be JOURNEY…I was pretty sure I’d grow up and marry Steve Perry -lead singer from Journey for those of you who aren’t diehard fans! (so glad I didn’t, but I could listen to him sing to me all day!) By the way, my kids have no idea I like any of this, cause I only listen to them in the car if I’m alone and then I turn it all the way up and sing every word…yep, I know ‘em all! They think I only love "boring music"…little do they know! I’m a bit of a rebel deep inside, I just suppress it when they are around!
14. I cannot read one book at a time, I have three or four going and the problem is that I never seem to finish any of them cause as soon as I get close, I throw another one in the mix…maybe I have a bit of ADD goin’ on!
15. Each year, I cannot wait for the first snowfall…think I’m worse than my kids…makes me just want to run out and make a snow angel! I'm the same way with the leaves falling, and the new flowers budding each year, I love it!
16. I could survive on chips and salsa and be totally happy about it.
17. I am a paper fanatic; I could go crazy in a paper store! I love it ALL and anything that goes with paper does it for me too! Paper, scissors, glue, tape, stickers, a little glitter, page protectors, binders…
18. One of my favorite things in my house that I see each day, many times a day are a set of wooden blocks that I made a few years ago, they simply say “JOY”.
19. I love quotes.
20. The smell of fresh baked bread is one of the most divine scents on earth! I think it smells even better than it tastes!
21. One of my favorite movies is Mamma Mia…I know it has a really lousy story line, but I can’t help but love the crazy fun those women have. Someday, I will be a Dancing Queen decked out in the boots and all! I’ll jump on my bed without worrying about busting right through while I, with ease, reach out to touch my toes in mid-air, all the while singing Dancing Queen with my best friends! How dreamy does that sound??? I know, completely out of character for me, but it’s just something I’ll have to do (maybe right after I drop 40 pounds!)
22. My favorite pizza is loaded with Artichoke Hearts, Green Peppers, Pineapples and Fresh Tomatoes…my mouth is watering just thinking about it! (maybe that's why I can't drop those darn 40 pounds!)
23. I love dancing in the kitchen.
24. I love numbers, I watch for the clock to turn just so I can look for patterns in the numbers. I will lay awake at night, just to see the next pattern that will be coming up, drives me crazy, but I just can’t help it! And a calendar can be loads of fun, too!
25. I would love to have a Yellow Slug Bug to drive around, just for a day. I’d put a perfectly happy yellow Gerber Daisy in the little vase and then I’d just drive around, lemon ice water in hand, and look for all the people who race to "slug bug" each other as I drove by.
26. I have been known to forget to pay the power bill or the gas bill or the water bill (time just goes by too fast!)…once I forgot to pay the water bill; my sweet husband was having a nice shower, just got all lathered up and off goes the water…He had to rinse off with cold water from our food storage. Sure glad he loves me!
27. The word “BE” is enchanting to me…with just that one small, seemingly insignificant word anything can come to pass. I can “be” anything I dream up!
28. I’m sure there’s nothing that a Hot Fudge Sundae with salty fries can’t cure...well, with the exception of obesity, it’s causing that one, but sometimes it’s just worth it!
29. Watching people is such an experience for me…sometimes it makes me laugh and other times I want to cry. I have found myself trying to figure out what they might be thinking or feeling and I just want to go up and give a stranger a hug at times, just to give them a little boost and let them know they are not alone in this world!
30. My dream is to invent a body eraser…I don’t want to erase my entire body, just the parts that are sagging where they shouldn’t be, erase the few extra pounds from various spots, and those dimply spots – what is that all about, they should definitely go!…wouldn’t that be nice???
31. I cannot cook in a messy kitchen.
32. While I sleep, one little foot just needs to be sticking out, even if it’s dreadfully cold, I must have just a bit of fresh air and freedom…can’t be all tucked in.
33. I love to sit in my car with all the windows rolled up parked just so the sun can beat right in on me…aaahhhh, feels so nice!
34. I cry when I drive by an accident, especially if I think there are children involved.
35. Skipping makes me happy, so glad I still have little ones who love to skip with me, or people might think I’m a little strange!
36. Fun Jewelry makes me smile and I find that when I wear it, others smile more, too!
37. I need to be busy, being idle makes me crazy! I have a deep need to create and plan…my mind has to be working on new things constantly or I feel stagnant and unproductive.
38. I would rather have a baby than go to the dentist...and having babies is not an easy thing for me!
39. I am terrified of needles, but one of my very favorite things is Acupuncture…does that one make any sense??
40. I love it when my phone rings, because it means someone is thinking of me!
41. I need a happy environment to be happy; pretty things, sweet things, positive quotes, cute charts, books and paper scattered about totally speak to me.
42. I don’t know how to exist in quiet…probably because “quiet” just doesn’t happen too often for me. Maybe that is why I hate to be alone…that and the fact that I’m just a big scaredy-cat!

And the last one that I have to add, even though it makes it 43, but we won't really count it, is I LOVE to use ... every chance I get. Don't know why those three little dots are so fun to me, but they sure are! But you probably already noticed that one!

Wow, that’s a lot of things about me.
Well, it’s MY birthday and for my present,
here’s what I WANT FROM YOU…tell me something about you that I may not have known before! Come on, it'll be fun, I promise!!!

Happy Birthday to me…
Happy Birthday to me…
Happy Birthday Dear Meeeeeeeee…
Happy Birthday to me!
I think a milkshake is calling my must be from Baskin's my birthday, so I'm sure they'll remove all the calories for me today, seems only right!!! Chocolate chip mint mixed with a bit of creamy chocolate ~ can't wait!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I joked with my sweet hubby the other day that if work doesn't pick up for us with our carpet cleaning business that we could always try a new, Repossessing Vehicles!
Why on Earth would I think of something as crazy as this, you ask???
Well, let me tell you...

We thought, STRONG ON THE THOUGHT, that we had sold two of our vehicles. Mind you, these vehicles were sold to two entirely different people. But apparently, their minds work in the very same way!!! Much to our dismay!

Neither of them had actually paid for the vehicles, they were supposed to be paying them off to us. Upon payment in full, the titles would be turned over to them.

Well, both of these not so wonderful people, tried with all of their might to get us to give the titles to them even though they hadn't paid for the cars. So grateful we didn't fall for their begging and give in.

Guess what??? They were both trying to sell our vehicles, one on Craig's List and the other one at a consignment car lot!

We were successful in repossessing the first one, and then found out about the second and have also successfully repossessed it, but minus a few missing parts!!!
and 2) The Air Conditioning Compressor

And then the guy plays stupid...we'll never get a penny out of him and it's gonna take a bunch of pennies to get this car back to working order. Aaaauuuuggghhhhh

I'm tellin' ya, people are just not very honest anymore.

I'm starting to wonder if I have something written across my forehead that I'm unaware of...

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Our Weekend Trip Part 2

The second part of our weekend, after visiting the Salt Lake Temple, was to prepare for and go on our Pioneer Trek...

Prior to going, we toured the Pioneer Village at "This is the Place" in Salt Lake City.

This little house was home to a family with 7 children! That hit me as we have 7 children and this little house would fit right into my living and dining rooms!!!

They did tell us that the boys would have slept outdoors when it was warm or in a barn area during colder times, but still!!!

Love these photos!

I had a couple of thoughts (well, many more than that, but a couple of very strong thoughts) while we were there...

I love the simplicity of life back then...
Not so much "stuff" ~ just the necessetities of life and they were satisfied...somewhere along the way we've all lost the ability to be happy with less.

I am in awe at the physical struggle life would have been and the strength and ability to endure that these people possessed...

After actually making a "Trek" -- pulling a handcart up hills that were actually difficult to just walk up and working together in a trek heart ached for the mothers. (probably because I am one! And I found time and again that I put myself in their we experienced such a small part of what they went through...after the physical exhaustion that I felt with this Trek, I couldn't even imagine it going on day after day, week after week, month after month)

I couldn't help but constantly think of the many Mothers who struggled to carry and protect their
children as they moved West, Mothers who lost their babies and children, their husbands, sometimes their entire families, Mothers who had to watch their children starve and know that there was nothing they could do...but simply pray and have faith and keep putting one foot in front of the other...

As I stood and looked at this statue, all I could think of was my little children...

I imagine this little one was looking up...searching for answers from Heavenly Father...relying on Him and believing in Him that He would protect her and her family.

The Spiritual experience this weekend provided for me and for so many others was just an amazing blessing...
I worried so much that I would never be able to make the whole Trek, it was very hard, but I was determined that I would do it, I would not quit! There were times that it really did take all that I had to keep moving, at one point I laid my body down on dirt and rocks with bugs wandering all over the place... I didn't even care (and I DO NOT LIKE BUGS AT ALL!) but the exhaustion was so very real that I just didn't have a choice. I've never worked to a point that I was so sick I couldn't even drink water for fear it wouldn't stay down. But after our break, we kept on and I made it the whole way!

I would like to believe that I would have had the faith and the ability to make the incredible sacrfices that were made so many years ago...
But with that being said, I know that I was meant to be here at this time and in this place and to go through the things that are placed before me. And all I can do is to strive to always have the faith and the strength to joyfully make it through the trials that will come my way...

Friday, August 6, 2010

Our weekend trip ~ part 1

Just a week ago, I went along with the youth in our ward (12-18 years old) on a weekend trip to Salt Lake City. We started with tours of Temple Square, did baptisms (which were so amazingly sweet to do with two of our three kids who were sealed with us in the Salt Lake Temple when they were just little tiny people!) Words cannot express how special it was to have them there in the temple as teenagers by my side :)

It's hard to believe I once held and rocked these little ones to bed each and every night and now it might be easier for them to rock me to sleep!

Before entering the temple, I took all the Young Women that are 12-13 on a tour of the visitors center. We had to stop for a photo in my very favorite spot!!! I still remember the very first time my sweet hubby brought me here...many years ago, before we were even married. I just sat in awe and I continue to each and every time I walk into this beautiful room. The spirit that is present is incredible and unforgettable!

Standing below my Savior, looking into his eyes, seeing the marks in his hands, wrists and feet, makes me contemplate the day I will truly stand before Him. Being here makes me want to live a more Christ-like life, to be more like Him, to love others the way He would have me do.
I loved being here with the girls that I work with each week...what sweet little spirits they each have!

what to do???

Each year, at about this time, I find myself completely consumed with thoughts of what to do???
There are so many wonderful choices, so many opportunities, so many dreams, so many fabulous books to read, so many incredible science projects to attempt, so many fascinating stories in history, so many projects and activities to do, so many choices for field trips, so many thoughts of how to spend our extra time...should we do sports, music, co-ops, 4-H projects, go exploring, do a little drawing or painting, or should we just relax and enjoy our time together without adding all the busy-ness??? you can surely imagine, I am knee-deep in notebooks of ideas and thoughts...the planning could go on endlessly if I would allow it to.
But it won' I need to keep on with life because even with all the intense planning that I could do, life happens and some of those plans would end up going to the wayside anyway...

SO...We'll plan on the basics as always...
and then we'll plan a few fabulous activities...
choose a few extra things we just can't wait to learn about this year...
make sure we have time scheduled for the things/people that we most love to spend our time with...we'll make sure to put our priorities first and focus on those and then all else will fall in place as it does each wonderful homeschooling year we have!

I'm so grateful for the time I have with our children ~ I LOVE that I have the opportunity to have them home with me...they are such wonderful kids and are the light of my life!!! I really cannot wait to have our routine of school time back soon ~ and I am so glad that I enjoy having them around me and that I am blessed enough to have them enjoy being with me also! Life is good :)

My little one is standing here with me and she is begging me to just type
"YOU MAKE ME LAUGH!" so, there you have it! Those are some of the great moments I have!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Squealin' for JOY!

Wheelin' & Squealin'...what a theme!
Fair and 4-H projects for our kids were great this year...everyone was wasn't too hot (which is unheard of at Fair time, we are usually melting!!!) They did very well and were quite pleased with the results from the judges... It was really just a sweet, easy, pleasant year! Take a look at our fun...

This was a photo of one of our booths...

Check out these smiles!!! We arrived at the fairgrounds to see how well they had done ... our little "W" did an incredible job. Here he is standing with his Compound eye that he built for his Entomology Project (with a little help, but mostly on his own)
He ended up receiving an Award of Excellence as well as receiving Reserve Grand Champion for Science and Technology for the Junior level. WOW!!! Was he ever excited.

Then Saturday evening...he was invited to attend an award ceremony where he received two additional awards, the first was a $10 bill (some serious excitement over this one and then on top of that he was given a flight bag that was embroidered with his placing and the year) Happy day for this little guy!!!

The other fun Entomology project was made by our sweet little "C". She learned to sew little curtains for her stages and now knows Everything you ever wanted to know about Butterflies and their stages of life!!! Most of the other bugs were just disgusting to her, but butterflies were a hit! Since she is still so young, she could not compete, being a little "Cloverbud" (that is the title they have until they reach age 8), but she did receive a little participation ribbon and loved seeing her work on display. I think she did an amazing job and she was adorable as she told us everything she knew!

Then we come to HORSE WORLD..."D" is our horse girl and she always does a wonderful job! During her interview evalutions with the judges she was able to share all that she has learned and experienced over the past year...they must have loved her cause she walked away with a GOLD medal at the end!!! Yippee! Here are a few photos of the booth we set up for the horse 4-H club and some of her with the horse she used for her evaluation.

Then the last photo here was our evening at the Fair with all of the kids...we strolled around and looked at EVERY ANIMAL there, yep, all of 'em! Pigs, sheep, cows, horses, rabbits, chickens...pigs were a hit :) They use to love the cows, but now that we have 4 of them to feed bottles to each day, the awe has worn off just a tad!
After our animal time, we listened to a magician/comedian. At the end of his show, he asked for a volunteer and next thing we knew our little "W" was on the stage. It was a ventriloquist show, and our little guy was the "dummy" sporting a great hat and an outrageous mask! It was hysterical and the best part was how much he just kept on laughing and laughing through the whole act...what a great way to end our year at the fair! Can't wait to see what kind of fun we can have next year!