Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Saturday, November 30, 2013

#NaPhoPoMo Day 27...Love you forever

I went into my sons room early this morning to wish him Happy Birthday...

I sat on the edge of his bed just looking at him,
his soft baby face
has grown into a handsome,
stubbly, whiskered face.
I quickly pictured one of my favorite books,
I Love you Forever...
my mind went to the pages of the momma holding her son who had grown and grown and grown...

I secretly wished to pick that darling son of mine up and rock him again 
just as I had so many countless nights of his life.

Knowing that I never passed up a moment to rock that sweet boy
or to hold him each and every time he wanted brings me so much happiness.

Seventeen years goes by so quickly...
I still remember holding that little, tiny 6 pound baby in my arms.
I remember checking every finger and toe,
I will never forget the doubt I had of myself that I could be a momma to a boy,
what would I do with a boy???
Little did I know two more boys would follow so quickly...

He was just so perfect, so wonderful, so cuddly, so heart warming...
I could have never imagined that this baby boy 
would have grown into the amazing young man he has become.

And true to that wonderful story that I love so much,
I think it would be easier for him to pick me up 
and rock me at this point in life 
than for me to pick him up...

Life is wonderful and abundantly full!
And I am richly blessed because of all these amazing children...
I found that I've done pretty okay 
at being a Momma to boys and to girls.

Life may have been a little dull without all the heart attacks my boys have given me!

Time for the 

Day 27 PHOTO

We took our family to Buffalo Wild Wings to celebrate...

I saw this crazy chicken on the wall 

and just knew that was 
to capture the Happy Birthday photograph!

So glad he's a good sport!
I tried to get him to move this way and that so I could make the picture just a little more perfect,
but thought I might be pressing my luck and took what I could get,
with a smile and all!

Happy Birthday Myles...I LOVE YOU!!!