Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, November 18, 2013

I'm gonna have a "Grand-Trainee" (News from Danielle)

That's right! 
My sweet companion is going to be training this week!! 
I don't want to move away from her, 
and I'm going to miss her sooooo much 
(I guess that's what happens when you spend 12 weeks within sight and sound of a person haha- 
you're either going to be crazy wanting to get away or heartbroken that it's ending!) 

(Danielle is being transferred this week...)
Before we move on with her letter, I just have to share a few photos I received last night from one of the families she has been with for the last few months.  

The bottom photo is my favorite of these...I LOVE that she is doing what she desires most to do...
She looks truly happy and that makes my heart happy!!!
Back to Danielle now ~ 

Eldersburg is about to be renamed 
(feel free to refer to it like that.) 
(Yes, we've raised CRAZY kids...she might just be the craziest one of the bunch!)
I leave Wednesday morning, and will be there that evening. 
I'll be living in Sykesville, but my area is called Eldersburg. 
Look at this darling little place she will be living in...
I love that she is seeing all this amazing history...
can't wait for the day we get to go back with her for a visit!  
This is the Main Street through town ~ Lucky, Lucky Girl!

It's nearish to Baltimore. 
But I cover the good area of it and the Elders get the sketchy half of it :) yay for elders! 

It's going to be craaazy!! 
I'm so excited! 

Oh! My other Companion is getting sent to Mt. Airy, so all three of us are getting split! 
But it will be fun. 
We'll have so many more stories to tell each other later :) 

Well, this is CRAZY short! But I will have lots of good stories to tell next week. I love you all!! 

Quote of the week:
*knock knock knock*

"Hi, are you Kristen?"

"No... I'm not really anything. I don't go to a church."

well, I'm Sister Lytle/Stradling/Hendrix"

"Hi, I'm Karen."

"Oh... you thought I asked if you were Christian. I promise I don't have a lisp..."

Love you! 
Sister Lytle