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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, November 25, 2013

And then I drove into a ditch...

True story. 
News from our Missionary daughter...
I didn't drive into the ditch  :)  
She did!

I was driving home from Walmart right after emailing y'all last week, and along came an ambulance. 

Being the good citizen I am, 
I pulled off to the side of the road. 
Well there was a semi truck on my left and the ambulance wasn't going to fit! 
So I pulled up a little bit and decided to pull off just a *little* bit into the field next to me. 

That was no field next to me. 

It was a sneakily hidden ditch!!! 
Who mows their ditch the same length as their grass?! 

Anyways, only my one tire fell off the road, 
and I didn't want to scratch the frame, 
so I called the vehicle coordinator, 
and he had me try a few things, 
but we decided that to save the car from scratches, 
we'd just call the elders and wait for a few minutes so they could pull us out. 

Well, then the help came. 
And came. 
And came. 
12 people came to help, 
and a billion yelled out the windows driving by to ask if they could help. 
(turns out that if you want help, 
wear the pinkest, 
polka dottiest outfit 
you can find 
and stand on the side of the road 
without a coat. 
Everyone pulls over when you look that helpless) 

And boy did those 12 people help! 
They helped me right into the ditch!!!! 
Now we were really stuck, 
and the two cops who had pulled over, 
they were mad at me. 
And it wasn't even my bad! 

Well then the Spanish Elders came to save the day. 
There was a Spanish 13 year old baptized last Saturday, and his parents own a tow truck! 
So they called them, and they came and pulled us out... FOR FREE! 
Being a missionary is the best! 
The good news is that there was no damage to the car...
until after I left the area. 
I left 
and Sister Stradling 
had to replace the tire the day I left. 

Oops. hehe :) 

So transfers were this week! 
(Picture above is with her companions the day of transfers...
Sister Stradling,in the middle, is the one who had to replace the tire after Danielle's transfer...good thing they love each other so much!)
I am now in Eldersburg with Sister Anderson, and we have SO MUCH FUN! 

(Sister Anderson is on the left)

(And in this photo, she's on the right...Danielle thinks she is just darling!)

This area is so diverse, so many cultures! 
I learned this week that African food is MAJOR SPICY! 
But yummy! 
I'm excited for it! 
Half my area is in Carroll County, and it's fun and normal, and the other half is in Baltimore County, and is so different and feels big to me. But it's fun! I'm learning a ton, 
(and no worries, we are totally safe!) 

Also, I walked into a baptism for a wonderful lady named Isata Munu. It was so wonderful to see her make that big step and feel so good inside. 
I can't even wait for all the work that Sister Anderson and I have to do here! 
It's gonna be super duper fun!! 

Do me a favor, 
say an all gratitude prayer each morning. 
Don't ask for ANYTHING
just be grateful

Then report back to me and tell me how stinking awesome it was. I'll do it too! 

Love you all!! 

Happy Thanksgiving, stuff yourself silly! 
Sister Lytle