Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, November 15, 2013

#NaPhoPoMo Day 15...Bittersweet Moments

My kids ( the four youngest )
were begging me to take them back to see our old house.
We were just down the road this afternoon...they've asked so many times and I've always made an excuse why we couldn't there really wasn't a valid excuse.

It is sitting empty.
It looks so abandoned, so unloved.

It was once the dream
my husband and I had for our children,
for our future...

I had pictured us sitting on the front porch in our rockers when all the kids were grown and we had grown old together.

We were going to be there forever...
forever doesn't always last as long
as we sometimes think it might.

I gave in to the kids,
knowing it would be difficult.
But also knowing it might be our last chance for them to really see it again.
It will likely be home to another family at some point.

We went over,
driving down the roads that were all too familiar,
turned into "our driveway"
made our way down the lane and to the back of the property...

We passed the willow trees that had once been home to an amazing tree fort built by my boys,
looked out over the pasture where our horses had once grazed,
drove around the circle drive that sits in front of the house and the shop
and stopped...

I took in a deep breath
and just looked around...
the kids all jumped out
and as they ran to the back yard and to the creek
tears ran down my face...
it was like we had never left.

The girls quickly found their way to "their tree"
and were up and giggling together just like they always had...

I had to snap a photo to capture the joy that this home still holds for us
and the sadness that it also holds...we miss our little paradise.

I finally called all the kids back to the car after taking in all that my heart could take.
They came and one by one, begged me once again.
This time begging for us to move back home...
to find a way to buy our house again.

I smiled so they wouldn't see me cry
and simply said, "It was a wonderful home, I loved it, too."

"Now, let's go home..."