Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mastiff / Mammoth ~ What's the difference???

Two Weeks worth of Danielle!!!
I've been a slacker Mom and not posted all that Danielle and I have been talking about...
She had a wonderful birthday ~ 
received a letter in the mail from her today saying that she ate the very best chocolate cake of her life...
then she apologized to me...
I guess I had better brush up on my chocolate cake skills a bit more!  ;)  
Can't have someone beating me in the cooking/baking department!

My favorite thing she shared this week in her letter home was this:
"President Richards always says, 'If you aren't having fun, you're doing it wrong!'  I've never worked so much or so hard in my life, but I've also never had so much fun.  When life gets stressful - laugh!"

Danielle's thoughts on having companions and what it is teaching her:

"It's so huge. Cause not only do we have to live together and see each other full time, BUT we also CANNOT have any contention between us because if we do we don't have the Spirit AT ALL. And we can't teach without it. So not only do we have to deal with it, but we have to make things happy between us so we can keep teaching. I don't think there would be any divorce in the world if everyone really served a mission and did their best."

Things are very happy now :) it just took some work. I'm learning so much about life from this whole experience. I'm pretty sure I'd be pro at any kind of family relationship right now haha. (in regards to learning to make a trio companionship work better)
We are teaching a few people right now. 
We just handed a few people over to the elders this last week though, so we are rebuilding our teaching pool. 
No one is very far along yet, but we have a bunch of potentials and several who are reading the Book of Mormon and praying about Joseph Smith right now.... hooray!! 
Right now my biggest hope is on Judy and Miss Cathi. 
They are both in their 50-60's and sweet ladies. 
Judy took a picture of the three of us last week and said 
"I've always wanted daughters, and only had sons. But you three are the most good and HOLY people I've ever met, and I decided even if they transfer you, you're my daughters." 
Both of the ladies hard core recognize the spirit, so that's wonderful :) 

Vincent is being taught by the elders now, but he came to church again this week and bore a super powerful testimony about the things we taught him. 
He's a power house. 
But we decided to put him with the elders to make sure he's a powerhouse in the gospel even without cute sister missionaries teaching him :)
He read from 2nd Nephi to the end of Moroni in one day. 
Holy cow. 
Miracles do happen! 

Every six weeks are transfers. 
This one is November 20th. 
But Sister Goutchkoff and Bishop Knecht have expressed that we are not allowed to leave, and that if we get transferred that they'll call President Richards and complain. 
Bishop is telling President Thursday night that we are not allowed to go. Haha!

Major miracle last night though, 
we got home from a NINE HOUR CONFERENCE 
(yes, I'm suffering from a conference hangover
and were trying to decide what to do. So we drove to this sweet, recently single mothers home, and we got there and Sister Goutchkoff was there with all the kids doing housework before mom got home. We couldn't have gone in if she wasn't already there (no adult in the house) but because she was there we were able to have all four of us get everything done before the sister got home. It was so neat. Everything lined up PERFECTLY! 

Quote of the week:
"I own a mastiff"
"...wait... a mastiff is one of those big elephants with the horns, right? 
Nope, wait, that's a mammoth. Just kidding."

2nd Week worth of Danielle  :)
Hello family!! 
This has been a really good week :) 
We met with a girl named Isabel that the Elders had been teaching, but were giving to us. 
She is so sweet! 
She's 10 years old and her older sister was baptized last month and her mom is coming back to church again. 
We're so happy to be teaching her. 
She really wants to get baptized. 

We also had a few more miracles this week finding people to teach! 
We were out contacting some former investigators from missionaries a few years ago. We pulled up to a little house along the highway and knocked on the door. 
A lady answered and had a TON of little kids hanging around her legs. She wasn't the person we were looking for, but she was really nice. 
I asked her if we could share a message about families with her 
(it only seemed appropriate with that many kids in the house) 
she laughed and said she was babysitting for a friend and that it was kind of a crazy time, but invited us back for the next day! 
So the next day we went back and wound up teaching her and her two friends (the ones who she was babysitting for the day before) and they were so awesome!! 
Keep Karen, Darryl and Sam in your prayers :) they're super sweet. 
We also had two of our really sweet investigators come to a baptism this week. 
It was for a little 8 year old, and it was so sweet. 
Judy and Roger are like grandparents to us. 
They called us up around 8:30 the other day to ask if we were awake, and of course we were. 
"Well then I need you to come on over right now!" 
Sooooo we ran to their house. 
And they had baked us homemade candy and a cake!! 
How much better does it get? Oh man, life's good.

"So wait... God is a "little jelly friend"?"

Spiritual quote of the week!
"One of the great discoveries that we make is that we learn far more about what is important in life from our children than we ever did from our parents." Boyd K. Packer

Well, I love you all! Have a happy week! 
Sister Lytle