Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Move it Eeyore...Tigger is taking over!!!

Even on the mornings that I may not necessarily feel like rising out of my bed to tackle the day before me...
without fail,
the sun pokes it's beautiful head right over the mountain tops.

It's rays brighten my outlook
and remind me that each day is a fresh new start
and that I have a choice.

How will I choose to feel this day?

Will I continue my little Eeyore facade?
Will I step it up a notch?
With any luck at all,
the Tigger in me
will bounce the Eeyore
right out of the picture!

As I sit in my office, peering out the window,
contemplating the beauty and marvel of that sunshine...
I cannot help but choose to focus on the good.

"How happy did you decide to be today?"
These ever important words hang in my office for all to see...
my kiddos enter this room many times a day
and when one is choosing to be
a little gloomy and "Eeyore-ish"
I just point to the sign and smile.
That's all the question they need.

I may not have my mom pointing to the sign
with the questioning look accompanied by a smile...
I do have amazing friends who love me
and who share that love freely.

are the ones who help me to ask
How happy will I decide to be today...

Thank you!

I had my wonderful "me" time soaking last night...

Something about a hot bubble bath,
a few candles
and a yummy cup of cocoa...
they just make the world a little easier place to be.

Then I awoke to the sun reminding me that I have a new day to begin...
and that it is mine to shape how I will.

I will put on my best smile
I will count my blessings
I will focus on all the goodness that surrounds me
I will spread all the sunshine I can with others
I will be happy.

Much love to you!