Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Dinner Party TONIGHT!!!


So excited for a big party...
I LOVE entertaining,
just makes me smile!
And then when I get to plan the menu and cook the food ~ BONUS!
Yesterday, I will admit, I was a little tired and thinking to myself that this felt a little too big to make happen, but this morning, I'm ready...set...go!

15 couples joining us tonight for a scrumptious dinner!!!

Just making sure all my bases are covered ~
last night the beef brisket marinated ~
now tucked very nicely in the ovens and cooking away.
Kiddos are dispersed doing their "jobs" for the day,
one is dusting,
one is emptying the dishwasher,
another taking care of the turtles,
another handling laundry duty
and a couple others working on leaves in the front yard.

Cooking Music in place...
YES, you must have great music to cook by.
My choice of music, you ask???
Well, 80's rock ~ who can go wrong there?
It just makes you want to work.
And I can sing almost every word to every song!
And if you need a little change (but I'm doubting that will happen!)
I'll just switch it over for a little country.
LOVE country music...but for cooking, Rock is where it's at!!!

The menu for the evening:
I know you wanna know  ;)

Texas Style Beef Brisket
Texas Grilled Chicken with Lime Butter
Fresh Coleslaw
Loaded Baked Potatoes
Homemade Garlic Parmesan Bread

and to sweeten and freshen it up at the end
a yummy little
Lemon Dulce Cup topped with fresh raspberries...

Is your mouth watering?
Mine is...
but it's because of the amazing aroma happening in my kitchen at the moment.

must get busy...
Have a couple more things to prep
decorations to dig out
and tables to set up.

I have a sweet friend coming to take me to the store to pick up my last few items.
I think we'll swing by and pick up a bundle or two of flowers
and hit the dollar store for some fun accents for the tables.

For any of my super sweet friends who are feeling a little jipped that I didn't send you an invite...let me just tell you this dinner is for all my homeschooling friends...Once or twice a year, we try to put on a big night for homeschooling moms and dads...
I like to just give them a big ol' pat on the back...
the work they are doing is BIG.
And they are just fun to be with...

As for the rest of you ~
when shall we plan a fun party???

I'm ready.  :0)

love you all!