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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Chocolate Moustaches...

There’s just something about a nice warm cup of cocoa…
think about it for a minute…
just close your eyes and imagine a mug of cocoa in your hands ~
are you smiling?
I know you must be ~
you are moms and chocolate helps us make it through these crazy days. :0)

Anyway, I used to think it was just me,
that cocoa was simply a comfort drink to be enjoyed when the days grew shorter becoming chilly and brisk and dark.
That special little drink has always made me smile, has brought comfort and warmth and at times, even feelings of peace and calming.
But as I watch my kiddos and the reaction they have to sipping on that same delicious cup, I realize it is not just me, they LOVE it also.

So, then I started thinking about why we love it…why is cocoa so appealing?

Sure the chocolate is fantastic and it’s warm and creamy and if you throw in a couple marshmallows -- instant bonus! But there’s more to it than that.

I’m coming to see that simple little cup of Joy in a new light; it is more about what it means, it is more about what happens to our family when we enjoy that special treat, it’s about how we feel and how we spend our time together, it’s about what life is like when we slow down enough to sip and enjoy and savor the moment and not just the tasty drink.

When my son rides up on his bike each morning just after a math class he takes, there is something magical that happens to his attitude on the days he is greeted with a steaming mug of deliciousness…I see it in his eyes, his smile tells me that his world is going to be okay…It isn’t just a warm drink that he has received; LOVE was handed to him in a mug, what could feel better to a child?

I think back to my childhood days,

I can vividly recall sharing moments of sipping hot chocolate with my mom. Sure it was yummy, sure it warmed me up on a brisk day, sure it was fun to chase a marshmallow or two around with my tongue…but the very best part was just having that moment in time with my mom.

I’ve noticed an interesting little trend in my family ~ one that I suppose, I created.
We have a little menu board that has found it’s home on my kitchen counter…
each morning I write down what we’ll be dining on for the day…
inevitably, the biggest smiles come
when two simple words
adorn the space behind “Breakfast”…
Hot Cocoa.
I think I could write down snails and lizard tails or fried onions and seaweed…
but if those two magical words followed up whatever nastiness I could create,
they’d be delighted.
It’s not the fried eggs and pancakes
or the warm oatmeal with fresh fruit
that makes a smile cross their face;
it’s the cocoa that just lights up a smile – each and every time!

Cocoa is offered only on “special days.”
Here’s where the little trend comes in…
the special days are not necessarily days like birthdays or holidays or anything of the sort, special really means the mornings that I know we can relax and slow down and enjoy the world around us.
If life feels too busy or too crazy,
I never think to offer it…
it’s just not right,
it must be enjoyed
and the only way to truly enjoy cocoa is with those you love.
On these mornings, you might find us curled up together or sitting on the floor or gathered around the table as we listen to our story on tape.

When I think of hot cocoa moments,
I see smiles and chocolate moustaches,
I see those crazy little tongues chasing around the last marshmallow in the bottom of the cup,
I see each of us slowing down just long enough to love the moment we are in.

For all of these reasons and more…
I will be stocking up on the essentials ~
some good cocoa and a trusty little bag of mini-marshmallows.

Wishing you a month of happiness and joy and chocolate moustaches!

(Written as President's Message for DHSA ~ November)