Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Gratitude brings about true happiness...

As I've watched over this past month of November friend after friend posting daily what they are thankful for...I found myself wishing I had done the same, but each time I saw one, I'd think of those things I felt grateful I think in my own "special little way" I embraced what was significant.

On Thanksgiving Day, I tried very hard to focus on all the wonderful things in my life...the numerous blessings I have...

Everything from my beautiful family,
to a warm home to live in,
to good food to eat,
to the Love I have for my Savior and the Unconditional Love HE has for me...

right on down to the simple "things" that I Love in my home ~

Shall I share a few with you???

Okay, you twisted my arm hard enough...I'll gladly share!  ;)

I looked down at my feet and smiled ~

who can resist smiling when wearing polka dots on their feet?
And the multi-color also makes me smile (If I allow it to)...
you see,
the reason I can NEVER find a "matching" pair of socks is that all my girls prefer to mis-match their socks...and guess what their favorite socks are???
MY POLKA DOT ONES...but can ya blame 'em?
So yea, double reason to smile at those cute socks!

I had to smile as I pulled my pumpkin pies out of the oven...

and then I allowed them to cool and added all the "Pretties" to them...

Just lovely!

And then the Peaches and Cream Pie...oh so yummy!!!

And while we are on the subject of ovens and the beautiful things we can bake in them, I will share another HUGE thing I am grateful for...
count 'em


I know,
totally crazy
but in a completely and totally wonderful crazy kind of way.
I can cook up a storm in this kitchen!

While watching the Holiday Parade, my little girls were dancing around and I caught them in a spin together ~

their happiness and delight with one another could melt any ones heart ~ especially mine!

I am grateful for my menu board...I know it sounds kinda dumb...but it's another one of those things that has just made my life easier...gotta love that!

I am grateful for the beautiful music that fills my home...
Danielle plays and sings and my heart dances!

Our little girls are now taking lessons a couple times a month ~
their music makes me is beautiful in such a sweet and pure sort of way. 

I love my rocking chair ~
even though my babies are getting bigger by the day ~ I still love this chair with all of my heart! 
And EVERY chance I get...I will still rock one of those darling children of mine...they may be almost as big as I am (and some of them bigger) but that's not gonna stop me!!!

I will never forget the day I received it as a gift from my husband. 
I was pregnant and actually in labor with our son Bryce...
it was Christmas Day, just shy of 14 years ago...
and this was the special gift my hubby gave me. 
Our son was not due until late in January...but Christmas Eve he began wishing to make his appearance a little early.  :0)
I rocked that sweet boy of mine before I ever held him in my arms...
we rocked away Christmas Day
and Christmas Night
and into the morning...
that little child was determined to have his own day ~
the day after Christmas he finally blessed us with his presence. 
He still remains the most precious Chirstmas Gift I've ever received!
This wonderful rocking chair held me and our last four babies every single night as I rocked them to sleep...I am so thankful I took the time to cherish those moments with my babies and so thankful to a husband who knew how very much I would love to have a rocker.  (So much easier than being a human rocking chair like I was for the first three)

I love my tea kettle...such a happy yellow!

In fact, I just used it before beginning this post...tea and late nights go hand in hand!

I love being a Grammy...
My sweet little Preston wanted so badly to eat whipped cream...
So I had him help me whip it all up, add a little sugar and vanilla,
and then he was the taste tester!

That was one happy little guy...the best part was when I gave him a piece of the peaches and cream pie and put a big ol' dollop of whip cream beside it...his eyes grew as wide as ever and then he had a smile to match!
Those little people make my heart melt!!!

Candles ~
I love them...

day time, night time, bath time...
with a flame
or without...
I'll have to look it up, but I am CERTAIN that a Mom created the first candle
and I have no doubt that right after she did
she smiled
and then she relaxed
and was at peace
that's just what a candle can do for you...

I love my Kitchen Aid...
It has seen better days.

It no longer works on the low setting, so now and then I get quite a surprise of a mess as it turns itself onto a high power...always at the most inopportune times...flour flying, or liquid spewing all over the place...
But the reason I love this handy little kitchen tool is for the smiles and the happiness it helps me to bring to my family!
That is why it is wearing out...I wish I had any idea how many times this little hummer has done it's job...suffice it to say, it has earned its keep in my kitchen!
IF I ever replace it...I'll be searching for the Yellow adorable would that be sitting on my counter??? 
I can imagine it perfectly! 

A big, big one on my list is really such a small one...
but it's important ~
and IF you haven't tried THIS toothpaste...YOU MUST!
I love it!!!
There is nothing else that makes your mouth wake up wishing to shout "Hooray, I'm ready to start a new day!" like this fabulous tube of extreme clean!

One more that stands out in my mind...
Our School Room...
This represents so many things to me.
I LOVE that I have the blessing of homeschooling our children,
I LOVE that I have the freedom to do so,
I LOVE that we have this fabulous room to spend our days in
and I LOVE that it is large enough to invite many families to join us making our own special little school a couple days a week! 
One more thing I LOVE about it...
I LOVE all that it holds ~

art in the making -- because this classroom is all about creating and expressing who you are -- it is about finding who you are and embracing that special YOU.

In our classroom, we have some other very special "things" --
Classroom pets ~ Max and Millie, our turtles!
Our box of Silk Worms...
We started out with at least 50...
half were named Fred,
the other half Bob...
unfortunately, our number of silk worms is dwindling...we may be down to a handful or two of each ~ they should have taken lessons from Max and Millie who've been with us a long time.
Zeek just passed away...
he was our classroom lizard...
he was a charming little guy ~ too bad he didn't stick around a little longer.
Next on the list???  Who knows...
What I do know is that this room makes me happy for so many reasons...
Most of all my happiness stems from all the amazing kiddos that fill it daily!!! much to be grateful for...
so many reasons to feel happiness!

One thing I can't photograph that I really love is the feeling that I have when I know everyone is about to arrive on a special day...

It is such a...
well, you know...
it feels like...
dang, how could I possibly describe this for you...
then go back to being a little child
remember getting ready to walk into
that special room
on that special day
Christmas morning
try to recall
that special feeling inside you
the one
that is just bubbling over
that is just ready to jump out
and then jump up and down
and announce to the world
that you are just as warm and fuzzy on the inside
as you feel on the outside when wrapped in the arms of someone you love.

Yeah, that kinda describes how I feel...
just so perfect and warm and fuzzy...

I should probably end this little post of mine here, I think I might be able to go on for a week adding in all the things I am grateful for and I'd love to continue with this show and tell, but I'm sure you have something important waiting for you...and I'd hate to keep you from it...
so until next time, know that I am also grateful for YOU!