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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Auction Day has come and gone...

A day that I've dreaded for some time now has passed.
I've tried to busy myself enough to not have to think about it...
I've done a mighty fantastic job of avoiding such a tender subject.

The home of my dreams
the home I watched my babies grow up in
the home in which we all learned how to work together
the home that is no longer my home
The hope of ever returning

November 6th our home went to auction.
With it went my white picket fence dreams.
I wanted so badly to be there,
I wanted to blurt out that this was my home
and that it just didn't feel fair
or right
that it's not okay to mess with people's lives when they are doing all that they can do
I wanted to yell at someone
and tell them how rotten they had treated us
that we are good people
not losers
that we had dreams and hopes and desires...

I voted
I taught school
and I cooked
and I cleaned
and I counted my blessings.

I looked around me

I am happy
I am at home
I am okay
We may not own this house
but it is our home
and it is warm
and happy
and comfortable.

I can still dream here
my babies will continue to grow up here
we will continue to work together
and to grow together
and to be close together
love is here.

So auction day...
you came
you took
you are gone
I forgive you
it's okay
I've moved on
behind that tear or two
is a smile
that will endure all.