Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

So what do you know? Enough to get a pretty ribbon!!!

What an exciting morning...and there is more to come this afternoon...
We were out this morning for HORSE Competitions...
usually the little girls just go along to see how their big sister is doing,
but today was a different story!!!

Today is the Horse Bowl Competition ~ Are you in need of a description???
Well, it is basically Horse Jeopardy...
Anything and Everything a judge could ask you about horses, well, you best know it if you'd like to win this competition!  Holy Smokes ~ There is a lot to know!
(Kinda glad it's them and not me)

Well, Today was a little different than normal for our sweet little girls --
(I think I could've handled this little competition, but not the big one)

OH Happy Day...Oh Scary Day...Oh Nervous Butterflies in the Tummy Day!!!

Just waiting for the competition...
Our littlest one is happy as can be with her special little dolly...oh how she loves her! 
Have I ever mentioned that I have the best friends on the planet??? 
Well, if I haven't, I DO!  My sweet friend, Corrie slaved away making this special doll for my little one.
Christmas Morning was a happy day around here when she opened this! 
She goes EVERYWHERE with us...Even to the Horsebowl Competition!

Oh My Goodness...It is almost time!
"Mom, I'm a little scared!"
Me:  "You are beautiful and you will be amazing!!! 
Just remember to talk loudly enough that the judges will be able to hear your remarkable answers!"

A little practice time just before the big event!!!
The older kids have been studying away...they are gonna do awesome!

It's real, We're Here!!!
And we even get to use the BUZZERS!
OH MY WORD...We are real Horse Girls Now!!!

Oh Yeah!!!  That's a ribbon! 
Check Me Out!!!    HAPPY DAY...

Just gotta share some of the hilarious answers ~

One of the questions asked to all of the little girls was:
How much does it cost to take care of a horse for a year?
Our littlest one repied, "Oh, about 8 dollars!"

So where does the Shetland Pony come from?  Hint:  It's on an island that is named after the pony.
No...try again...
"Ummm....Ponies Island"
Good between yourselves again and see if you can get it....
After little whispers back and forth, came a meek little "Shetland???"
YES, YOU GOT IT...Shetland Island!

And my favorite...The last question of the "competition".
What is your favorite color of horse?

Our little "C" responded with ~ "Bay" (I was pretty impressed!), the little girl next to her responded "Sorrel" and then our little one said "ummm, probably Pink!"

That judge was rollin' in her seat at all of the hysterical answers!

What a fun morning...Right after the little girls are done eating their lunch, we'll climb back in the car and head back to see how Big Sister is doing in her competition!

Rainbow colored Ribbons and a little chocolate bar ~ what could be better on a Saturday Morning???