Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, January 10, 2011

How about a little structure???

This should wrap it all up (thoughts from my cabin seclusion that is)
REALLY, really meant to get back to this sooner, but life happens and time, well you know...

So...onto a little structure...

If you've read my previous 2 or 3 posts, you probably wonder what kind of structure I could possibly be talking about since I pretty much bashed it all!
But that really isn't my true feeling...

I do love SOME Structure ~
I just have to be in control of it AND have the ability to CHANGE it if necessary...
Probably doesn't make any sense, but it works for me!

I love a very structured Daily Devotional and Circle Time ~ within this time, we will cover the same important principles day after day, week after week, month after month and yes, even year after year.

This time of our day has evolved, but continues to contain the most important aspects of our homeschooling day, such as Songs, Pledge, Prayer, A Thought, Scripture Memorization, Lessons based on our Devotional Theme of the month, Values that we will focus on for the month, Calendar, Weather, Facts (everything from Math Facts to tidbits of Geography, Health, Earth Sciences, etc....)  This is also the time that I do a little read aloud and we spend some time working around in our scriptures.  We take care of Grammar lessons on the whiteboard, Spelling tips, and timed Drill Sheets for Math.
If nothing else happens in our day, I can feel confident that our kiddos have been immersed in the most important things of life...all else will fall into place!

In addition to this start for our days, I love to have a structured schedule of which subject(s) we will be covering each day.  The reason that I think this is my "style" of homeschooling is that I want/need the freedom to go in as deep as I wish or off on another tangent if the occasion arises.
I cannot be locked into a daily time schedule of going from one subject, to the next, to the next -- this does not allow for any exploration, for any freedom, for any inspiration, for any of Me, for any time to Really get into anything....


Our week looks a little like this ~  Remember every day starts with our Devotional/Circle Time and then goes on when we are good and particular time  :0

Mondays:  Home Ec, Health, Math Mania (Math Games all afternoon!!!)  This is one of my favorite days...we bake together and put our house "back together" after the weekend, we do a little health, plan meals for the week, plan for our Family Home Evening and then we just play games the rest of the day!

Tuesdays:  History and Geography, Unit Study Time (This month our Unit Study is Penguins and Polar Bears -- what fun we've been having!  Oh my, the things you can go off with when studying this is the Best...the sky is the limit!!!)

Wednesdays:  Creative Writing and Creative Art (A day for imaginations)  For those kiddos who really despise being creative, I will happily give them an assigned writing topic, some kids just really don't/can't/won't find it within themselves to come up with it all on their own.  I encourage this, but know that we all have differing degrees of creativity and that is really okay with me.  Our Wednesday afternoons are filled with a rotating is so perfect...4 rotations -- Math Games, Science, History, and Stand & Deliver Moments -- we alternate each week giving a great balance with little to no burn-out for moms!  Just an hour of class and then an hour of fun, free time (for the kids and the Moms!)

Thursdays:  Science (either lessons or experiments or just whatever we might think up)  I have a certain plan for the day, but I am so happy to go with whatever direction the kids seem to be most engaged and inspired by!  After Science, we spend some more fun time working on our Unit Study projects.

Fridays:  Well, Friday is a day that I am open to doing any number of different things. If there is a fabulous field trip to go on...we're there!  Maybe we'll spend some time finishing up any fun projects we've been working on or finishing up math that wasn't completed during the week.  I also love to spend time reading to or being read to by the kids.

So...there you have it...
My random thoughts on how Homeschooling works for our little family!

And remember, if during one of our days I feel inspired to just spend the whole day doing one subject, well that is my prerogative and you can bet I'll be goin' with it!!!  There is always next week to catch up what we may have decided to leave out...
Flexibility and Spontaneity are the key to keeping it alive for Me!
My advice to all other who you are, be comfortable with who you are, believe in yourself and go for it...Have the time of your life, give it all you've got and love the time you have with your kiddos!