Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Little More Randomness...

SO, I know my last few posts have been a touch scattered and all about me, but this is my blog, so I guess that is what one might expect!

So with that expectation -- Onto a little more about me...
Still have half a notebook of writing from my time in the cabin and I must get it all out so that I make it real for myself.  I really do write this blog just for helps me, it heals me, it makes me whole...and I love and appreciate your comments, because with them I see that at times there are things that I am working through in my head and in my heart that I share, that in turn help others or possibly just jumpstart a "pondering" process in their own lives/situations, or the times that your thoughts are just exactly what I need to hear, the last piece to my please always let me know what you think...and Yes, it is okay to let me know I am completely CRAZY...

Without further delay ~ Onto my notes:

My Priorities for our children (In No Particular Order) -- These are written every which way on my page as thoughts would come...that's the great thing about can just keep addin' to it as you see fit, there is always room somewhere and if not, make it!  :o)

Again these Priorites or Wishes I have for our kids are really in no order...
Ability to Read Well & with any luck at all that they will find enjoyment in the process.
An ever-growing Testimony
Comfortable working their way around their Scriptures
Not afraid to try anything ~ nothing holding them back from their dreams/ideas
Confident in their abilities
Speak Well
Happiness and when necessary Endurance with Dignity
Ability to converse with anyone, any age, on any number of topics - comfortably, not forced
I want them to be engaged in things they LOVE!
Able to explore their interests
Exceptional Character
Ability to communicate effectively in word -- both spoken and written -- as well as in their actions
To Know Who They Are and their infinite worth and value
Hearts filled with Charity
I wish for them to have the knowledge that NOTHING can hold them back except FEAR and they are BIGGER THAN FEAR -- so they are capable of ALL they dream!

Before I move on, I must say that the above list could be added to until I filled all the remaining space of my blog...this is simply because I wish ALL of the BEST for our kids! 

But these are the things that came to me that dark, quiet evening when I was pleading for answers to what my focus in life should be for our kids...
I found it interesting that my prayers came from desperate pleas of homeschool help and what came to me may not appear to be homeschool type answers.
For some looking at that lengthy list, it may seem that I didn't receive squat for answers in regard to homeschooling...but for was exactly what I needed...the answers were perfect!
WHY?  HOW??? 
Well, because all that I do should be enriching these areas of their lives...
Too often, as mothers we are worried about all the little details and it seems to me that these may be immaterial to the Lord ~
I think what He is trying to teach me is to keep my focus on the Basic, Most Important things...
all else will come as it should and our kiddos will be filled with all that they will ever need to be happy and successful in this life!!!
I didn't need a detail list of what to teach and when to teach it and how to teach it, No one needed to tell me to teach Math and Reading and Spelling and Science and History and Geography, etc.,  I just needed a reminder that I am doing okay, that our kids are doing GREAT, and that I already have all of the answers to the what, when and how inside me, it 's just the focus that I lose sight of at times, usually being the times that I worry too much about the what, when and how...

Let's take a little break here and I'll get back in a bit...need to have a few moments of being Mom...
So shall we say it again?
Oh yes, let's!
To Be Continued...
(I promise that will be the last time I write that, I just had to do it one more time)