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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, August 31, 2012

Nature Backpack...take 2

Okay...just have to report back that our outing to the MK Nature Center was FANTASTIC!!!

BUT I forgot to mention a couple of goodies that you MUST add to your backpack.

Grab some baggies (ya know the ziplock type) probably do a few of various sizes.
They are PERFECT for all the little treasures your kiddos will wish to take home.
Acorns were a big hit for us this outing...and Leaves, leaves are ALWAYS big for my kids.
We didn't keep any bugs, we just took pictures...let me tell ya, those ladybugs are fast little buggers!  But we got it...and here's the proof.  ;) 

another one that I forgot to tell you about that I love is our
Magnifying glass ~ these can provide hours (or possibly moments for little ones) of entertainment.  Might really be worth having more than one...they are cheap ~ check out the dollar store!

Another thing we did this time out was to have a Scavenger Hunt of various items to be looking for.
A friend of mine put the Scavenger Hunt together by simply going to the website of the Nature Center we were visiting and copying and pasting all that was there to see...FABULOUS!  The kids felt so satisfied and successful at the completion.  :0)

Check out a couple of our photos from the day ~ so happy!!!
Here's my FISHERMAN!!!
He's got quite the gift of catching.

Me and my littlest ham!

The STREAM SIMULATOR was great fun!
I thought I might NEVER get a few of my kids to do anything else...
I'm sure had I allowed them to stay, they'd have spent hours recreating the various ways this stream could run...a huge hit was building the dam and then destroying it.
GREAT IDEA MK Nature Center...Thank you!

And my little fisherman went crazy with Fish Photos...
I decided to share just ONE of his favorites!

It just does something good for a body to be outside exploring and soaking in nature...perfect day!
Can't wait for our next outing with our Nature Backpack!!!

If you don't have one...make it won't be sorry!  I promise  :0)