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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Peaceful and Pleasant...

I wrote a few days ago, I think the post was titled "What to do?"...
Well, I figured it out...
actually, I was blessed while in the shower with exactly what I needed to do.

I know it might seem strange that I get all the answers I am so desperately in need of --
always in the shower! 
It's the only quiet place I can find in this crazy life I live, so I'll take what I can get!

I REALLY needed to know how to help this sweet boy of mine,
how to touch his heart,
how to reach him,
how to understand what he needs
and why he needs it
and how I can help to make these things happen for him. 

And it came...
what is funny is that I really knew this all along, it wasn't some incredible NEW knowledge, it was as it most often is, quite simple.


Just sit and talk with this wonderful little young man that I have in my stewardship and ask him what he wants...then give him the privilege of following the Spirit and asking in prayer what he should do, what he feels would be best for him. 

The situation at first was one of a bit of sarcasm when I told him that he was in charge of making his own choice and that the only stipulations were that he must pray and then follow the spirit and then be peaceful and pleasant with the choices he made because he would then own them.
Upon announcing this privilege, his little sarcastic voice blurted out, "I already know what I want...", as quickly as it sprung from his mouth, I nipped it mid-sentence reminding him that he could not tell me his decision until the next day AFTER and only after he had truly prayed, weighed all the options, looked heavily at the pros and cons for both choices...THEN he could give me his answer.

Empowerment in little chunks is super powerful in BIG chunks for our kids and in turn, for us.

He was delighted (yet, didn't want to show just how elated he felt inside) that I believed in him enough to make these choices for himself.  A huge boost was added to this sweet boys self-esteem.  There is something special that occurs inside when you know that others REALLY believe in and trust you.

I am pleased to announce that this little man of mine has got one good head on his shoulders; he was able to spend the time he needed to re-connect, to find his answers, and to consider what would be the best situation for him.  He and I sat together after his pondering time and he expressed his feelings in a most positive way, coming to a conclusion that both he and I were very pleased with. 

the best part???
He is peaceful
he is pleasant.

And to think all I had to do was to trust that he knew what was best
and the biggie --
trust that he would make the best choice and
not the choice that may have been the funnest or the easiest for a teenage boy.

So thrilled and so happy to be a Mom
and to have had the opportunity of this teaching moment for our son.
He knows how to call for help and he knows where to call for that help...
the knowledge of using the Spirit is powerful and life changing.

Signing off peacefully and pleasantly...