Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Challenge for ya!

Okay, if YOU are a homeschooling momma
or if you are a mom who doesn't choose this crazy choice in life...
this post is for you...
well I guess if YOU are a Dad and you have kiddos,
this is also for you...
Now that we've got that all covered ~
let's move on to MY CHALLENGE FOR YOU!


This is a good one...

It just might change your life...

And it just might change your relationships with those special little people you brought into this world...

And it just might make you take a step back and look in awe at those same kiddos...

I would challenge you,
okay I will even BEG YOU
to take some time to sit down with your kids
(if you don't already do this on a daily basis, you are missing out, your kids are amazing people!) 
anyway, sit down with those kiddos and ASK THEM,
yes take the time to ASK THEM what they love...
ask them what they'd like to know about. 
What intrigues them? 
What are they just dying to know more about? 
What is something that they've always dreamed of knowing or doing or seeing or exploring or just dipping their toes into?

IF YOU are a homeschooling family.... PLEASE, yes I am begging you again....PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make this the most important thing you do this summer (just before it comes to a close)...

Sit down and make a list of all the things they will ramble out. 
You will learn so much about who they really are, some of the things they spout out may take you by surprise, some will come as no surprise at all. 
But the point is, when you know what floats their boat, YOU can reach them in a whole new way!!! 
You bet it is!

I so firmly believe that our kids really know who they are,
they know what they need to know,
they know what they are to become
and they know deep down what they need
to make these things come to pass...
WE just THINK we KNOW it all...but we don't! 
SO go ask them and don't be afraid of their answers.

Hand over some of this power to your kids,
I assure you that you will come out pleased
and your kids will be walking around on Cloud 9
MOM BELIEVES in THEM and TRUSTS THEM to make some decisions for their future.

Okay, so the challenge again...
Just spend a little time, make a list
~ oh yeah, I forgot this part ~
This list may end up being pages long or could quite possibly fill an entire huge white board...
YOU won't likely be able to cover each and every one,
BUT you will have a start and YOU will know where your kids hearts are.

That's it...

Now when you accomplish this little challenge
and I know you will because you love your kids just that much...
I want you to treat you
and all of those little buggers you call your kids

to a big ol' messy ice cream cone!!! 

What a perfect way to end an amazing day...

Much love to you all!!!