Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Days of our Lives....

So are you ready for the next episode of my Soap Opera???
I'm thinking I should at least have a big ol' box of bon bons to go along with all of this drama!!!

Saturday evening was our annual opening social for the homeschooling families in our area...great night, by the way...thanks to all who came!!!

Well, as we were driving home that evening, one of my sons commented on how stuffed up his nose was and I replied back to him that it was probably all of the smoke in the air and that it was also bothering me, my chest was actually hurting.

By the time we arrived home and got the kiddos all in bed, I started itching a bit, then a lot and then a tremendous amount!!!  Checked myself out and I was COVERED in red spots all over!  Not good!!!  And not attractive in the least, I was a scary sight!

I was feeling pretty lousy and wiped out, because of still dealing with this vertigo issue I have going on.  I wanted to just drop into bed and sleep the night away, but at my husbands request, I drank a large dose of Benadryl and then headed to bed.  I did anything but sleep the night away, I tossed and turned and itched and scratched and THEN I found myself having difficulty swallowing and my eyes were more than a little difficult to open (and not due to the lack of sleep I was experiencing)  I climbed out of my bed, went in a downed another big dose of Benadryl and tried to get a little more sleep.  By the time my hubby woke in the morning, maybe a little before 8, he looked at me in a rather horrified manner and said I looked like I had swollen up as large as a balloon.  At this point, I could no longer close my mouth, due to the immense swelling of my lips.  It was difficult to speak, because my tongue was swollen and my throat and glands were enormous and quite painful.  I don't even want to express what I looked like, suffice it to say, it was not a pretty picture!!!

Guess, where I was lucky enough to spend my Sunday morning??? 
Yep, in the ER!

They haven't the foggiest idea WHY this happened ~
and to be just down right honest...
I don't think they even cared WHY.

Their concern was treating the symptoms.
So as I lay in this special little room designed for a child ~ which I might add, I rather enjoyed!  It was refreshing to have something enjoyable to look around was a fairly picturesque room with the whole Universe thing going on, even the ceiling tiles had some excitement happening!
Anyway, as I lay there, I speak to one doctor and then 2 different nurses and then had the pleasure of meeting up with the Respiratory Therapist who insisted I have a breathing treatment.  All the while, I am being a bit of a pain in the tooshy...I didn't wish to be here and I was a little upset that they didn't care WHY this was happening.  They didn't even seem the slightest bit interested in the why.  At a certain point, after asking a multitude of questions as to why they needed to do what they were doing, this dear man I am married to said, "STACEY, PLEASE do as the doctor says and quit arguing with him.  I want to take you home, just take the pills, take the breathing treatment and listen to them."  Then he smiled at me.  I proceeded to swallow all the pills and obediently breathed in that little breathing treatment. 

The long of the short is that I am now taking Steroids for the next week and a Super Benadryl type of pill several times a day. 

Those silly doctors still don't know what is wrong with me...BUT GUESS WHAT???
I do...
Am I am not feeling so happy about it.
I've wanted to pretend this wasn't very real.

But I tested it out.
NO I am not the brightest light bulb in the package.
But you must understand...
the only true way to KNOW if something is...
is to give it the test.
So I did today
and much to my dismay, I am worse tonight, so I just downed a couple more pills.
And now I am sulking and itching and scratching and swelling up again.
But not too bad, so no worries, just enough to prove what I had to know.

Ya wanna know what the nasty little culprit is???
Well, remember when I went to the Styx concert on Friday evening,
I not only indulged on amazing music, I also indulged my taste buds with a yummy funnel cake.  I ONLY ate half of it, I shared with my sweet hubby.
And then at the opening social on Saturday, I ate a hot dog and I had a piece of pie.
What do all of these little goodies contain that I have been told to stay away from???
Dang stuff anyway.
Why does it have to be in stuff that tastes so yummy?
I've been so good and then I decide to just have a few morsels of yumminess and this happens...

Well, I came to this conclusion today and decided that the ONLY REAL WAY TO KNOW was to test it out, so I ate half of a delicious hot bun that was brought over to me from a friend.  Oh my goodness, it was bread heaven. 
BUT NOW, it is a sad moment.
The moment of truth that I didn't want to face...

I guess the good thing is that I have my answer
I didn't even need some fancy doctor to tell me,
Which is a good thing

A new adventure awaits me!
I shall never have gluten again, it is not worth this!

I had to tell you,
Well actually I had to tell me
and if I tell you (whoever "you" are)
then I am accountable.
And when you are accountable
you can't mess up
you can't fudge
you can't tell a little white lie
you just gotta do it
cause you said you would
so I said and I would
and now I will.

I am mighty hopeful that I will be able to sleep at some point tonight.
I forgot to mention that STEROIDS and I DO NOT GET ALONG!

Have you ever downed half a bottle of diet pills?
How about 10 pots of coffee in a 20 minute sitting?

My body is pretty certain it may have done both...and it just keeps going and going and going!

I have hardly been able to sit down today, I can't relax, I can't be still, I can't rest
AND I AM TIRED, so very, very, very tired
at least my eyes and my mind are tired,
but my body
is having a it's own private little party going on!
I wouldn't even be surprised to hear a giant "Woo-Hoo" come flying out of me.

Four more days of Steroids...
If I dont' get some sleep before this is over,
it might get ugly.
Someone may need to come rescue my family
and take them to safety
because they may not recognize the crazed woman living with them.

and with that, I will try once more.
Good night world...much love comin' at ya!