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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

My Kind of Crazy!!!

I had the best night Friday!

My hubby took me took the Western Idaho Fair to see their ROCK concert...
yes, I know I am the Mom and I should be a little more reserved and not go hang out acting like a teenager, BUT I just cannot help myself! 
Actually, why should I have to grow up and not do the things I love? 
There really isn't anything at all wrong with still being a little crazy, when I leave I feel so happy and renewed, my cup runneth over! 
Now, I may need to remind you or possibly inform you that "my crazy" isn't all that terribly crazy...
no adult beverages involved...
just a whole lotta hoopin' and hollerin'
and dancing and singing my heart out...
used to be a whole lot more jumping up and down, but not as much this year.

One of our little girls, Cassie, recently asked me if when she gets bigger if she can go to a Rock and Roll Concert...I quickly, no hesitation whatsoever...responded to her, "OF COURSE you can, sweet girl ~ EVERYONE deserves to go to rock concerts in their lifetime and I'll even take you!"  Oh, she just was fantastic!

For some who may not have Rock and Roll pulsing through their veins this may all seem a bit crazy to you.  But for someone like me...I can't wait!  This year, I was a little worried about how I might be able to go and enjoy and even stay for any amount of time, due to this stupid vertigo that has decided to hang around to be my best friend or my worst enemy, take your pick! 
But it was could I miss that??? 
And it was free, except for the $7 ticket to enter the fairgrounds..
AND I had just missed seeing JOURNEY and LOVERBOY because of this lovely new friend hanging around with me.  So I was bound and determined to make it to this one! 
I had even resigned myself to hanging out with all the fuddy duddies who wish to sit in the grandstands...I'll just never get that one! 
IF YOU are lucky enough to be at a concert filled with music that just makes you smile and dance and sing and scream, you cannot do it from a seat a mile back, YOU REALLY MUST be close enough to almost reach out and touch those Rock Stars.  You gotta feel like you were really there...gotta make a little eye contact!

Now here comes the exciting part of my story...
Remember how I said I had resigned myself to hangin' out with those who don't wish to be crazy? 
Well, it was soooooo packed that there weren't two seats available anywhere.
At first a wave of panic came across me...
was I really going to have to miss another concert? 
I decided to stand for as long as I could and that sweet man of mine was happy to stand right behind me and hold me up and steady. 
So to the floor we went...
and went...
and went,
until we were right there,
no trying to focus way off into the distance...
NOPE, right there, IN THE FRONT!!! 
I was pretty reserved to begin with, but then as we became packed in like a ginormous sardine can,  strangely I felt a little more's pretty hard to fall over when there is no where to fall and with my adorable hubby behind me holding me tight, I was able to do all the moving and shakin' I wished. 

By the time the concert was over,
read that line again...
by the time the concert was over --
YES, "over!"
I made it through the whole thing standing!!!! 
How Amazing and Wonderful is that?!
Anyway, by the time it was over, my voice was also approaching the "over" stage,
but you couldn't have wiped the smile from my face.

Thank you, WESTERN IDAHO FAIR, for bringing such fantastic concerts to us.

CHEAP TRICK last year ~ Oh, they were so, so, so rockin' fun...LOVED IT!
and then STYX this year...(big smiley face!)

You could totally out do yourselves next year, and bring in my all time favorite ~ JOURNEY!!!
PLEASE, Please, please!!!  I would love you forever!
So sad I had to miss them this year at the Idaho Center Amphitheater.
I might even kiss your feet for doing such a fabulous thing! 
(Providing they were clean
and not nasty
and I only had to kinda blow a kiss
and not actually make physical contact with my lips)

Still smiling...
and still feeling like a teenager ~
maybe that's one of the reasons my teenagers think I'm pretty okay...
gotta love life and live it to it's fullest!
I intend to, and no Vertigo is going to stop me!!!