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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

YOU are the author of your life...

“"One night, after thinking it over for some time,
Harold decided to go for a walk in the moonlight."
So begins this gentle story that shows just how far your imagination can take you. Armed only with an oversized purple crayon, young Harold draws himself a landscape full of beauty and excitement. But this is no hare-brained, impulsive flight of fantasy. Cherubic, round-headed Harold conducts his adventure with the utmost prudence, letting his imagination run free, but keeping his wits about him all the while. He takes the necessary purple-crayon precautions: drawing landmarks to ensure he won't get lost; sketching a boat when he finds himself in deep water; and creating a purple pie picnic when he feels the first pangs of hunger.” (Goodreads)

It is from this little treasure that I wish to make a few correlations to our journey as homeschooling moms. This children’s story, Harold and the Purple Crayon, has taught me a lesson that I will never forget… opening my eyes to the world that can exist if I am only willing to create it!
Harold is the creator of his own journey – just as we are;
even still, he is often taken aback by his own creations, finding himself literally out of his depth and falling into the unknown...
How often do you feel a little in over your head – possibly each year just as the end of September approaches?
It is not so surprising that what we create as the “perfect” arrangement for our home school is a tad bit unrealistic; we tend to be a little over-zealous in our planning and may need to tone it down a touch; and so ends “September School”.
But don’t despair!
Just grab your trusty ol’ purple crayon and get busy creating a realistic setting for your family to thrive in, one that is manageable and attainable, yet fulfilling, engaging and inspiring!

Harold is a precocious, round-headed little child who takes flights of fancies in his PJs with his favorite-colored crayon…we should follow suit-jammies and all! And rather than panic when trouble arises, just change our approach and solve the problem by drawing what we’d like to see. For instance, when he was drawing an ocean and realized he was in trouble, rather than throwing his hands in the air and giving up, he simply stopped drawing the ocean and drew a boat instead. How fantastic is that!? He is completely in control of his adventure and so are you! You can bail yourself out anytime necessary; just draw it into your path.

Harold, along with his purple crayon, is a tribute to the imagination.
All Harold has is a single crayon and yet he makes a great story.
I believe that we can do the same…
find your magical color, the one that best suits you, and go for it…draw away, create anything you dare…you are the author of your life, and with that trusty little crayon, you can also be the illustrator!

(written as my message for September Deseret Homeschool Association Newsletter)