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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Wheelin' & Squealin'

With Fair Time just around the corner...It's the mad dash to get all the 4-H projects complete...books all up to date, projects ready for showing, ready for judges questions, animals ready (as clean and shiny as can be!)...
Wheelin' & Squealin' is the theme for this years Fair ~
I'm pretty sure there was a little too much squealin' goin' on around here today trying to get everything done before making our first round of judging. And I was definately wheelin' for all I was worth...sounded a little like this around my house "Kids, just hurry and write your very best PLEASE, remember the judges will be needing to read what you write, and then just smile and use your manners PLEASE, and, and, and...and then when we're all done we'll end the day with an ice cream treat!"
What can I say? It worked :) Yes, bribery is worth it somedays!
Little kids are done with their Interview Evaluations of their project books.

We had a great year...

Entomology was the focus for their 4-H projects.

We worked on all the farm animals also ~ that's a must in this family...

don't know how I ended up here (animals and me really are not the greatest match, but again, just put on a happy face and fake it that I have ANY IDEA at all what all of this means)

All I know is the kids LOVE it and that is enough for me!!!

Here are a few of the animal shots

(we've recently added to our family...5 extras!!!)

4 little baby calves (all boys) I'm tellin' ya they are cutie pies!!! I could even like these animals :)

and Cowboy (no, not A COWBOY) but a little 2 year old horse that "D" is showing for Fair. She's been working like crazy to get him "ready" to show. She's already taught him so much, I am amazed...she has patience that is truly amazing to me!!!

Well, we only have another couple of weeks of 4-H, then we'll have a little quiet time before it all begins again. I do have to say that I believe 4-H is such a tremendous program for's really worth all the time and effort!
I'm just hoping we can get through the rest of this 4-H season without a tremendous amount of Wheelin' & Squealin' around that too much to ask???
But if there is to be any squealin' ...
Let it be SQUEALIN' FOR JOY!!!