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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

4th of July Parade Fun

"D" getting the horse for the parade...Time for some FUN!!! They just finished up with serving a huge pancake breakfast for the community ~ great service for these kids!
Each year we participate in parades for the 4-H Clubs we are involved in ~
Decorate the horses and the parade floats and add a little pizzazz into your hair and you're good to go!!!

Check out those horsey buns!!!! Sporting a great smiley face!

The little girls and I take it easy and go for a ride on the parade float! Their favorite part is throwing the candy...Throw a piece, eat a piece, throw a piece, eat a piece! What a breakfast! The cutest part is checking out their Miss America Waves ~ they totally have it goin' on!

Look how nice and patient these sweet horses are...we did the whole Hurry Up and Wait thing...just waiting. A few of the horses enjoyed the hay we were all sitting on in the float trailer. The girls started getting a little worried that they might eat it all and we'd be sitting on the floor of the trailer so they hid the hay behind the many, many flags we had all over! I think the horses were getting a little frustrated ~ but then the waiting was over and we were off doing the whole wave and tossing of candy. Everyone was full of smiles!
At the end of the parade, they all posed for a shot of the 4-H club with their leaders! "D" is the only one of "ours" in the photo ~ the little girls are with me taking photos and the boys and Dad are out for a morning of target practice!
What a great morning and a great start for our 4th of July weekend! Next on our list is making all the desserts and treats for our get-togethers with family tomorrow ~
Patriotic Cupcakes and Fruit Pizzas designed just like the American Flag! (well as close as a mom and a few kids can do, but with any luck at all it will be close enough to at least recognize our attempt!) How fun does that sound??? I'm sure the clean-up will be a blast!