Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Fun

What a wonderful Holiday weekend we enjoyed together!
Here are some of my favorite photos of our Fun...Enjoy!

To start with we finished up all of our yummy patriotic treats ~ if you'd like recipes, let me know ~ so Delicious!!! Cupcakes adorned with red, white & blue sprinkles and topped off with a special little flag, and then a family favorite...FRUIT PIZZA...oh, it is soooo yummy, I just can't even tell you, you'd have to give it a try! We had quite the line goin' on putting all these treats together, hubby frosting the cupcakes, Momma adding some sprinkles (otherwise they would have all been added to the first two cupcakes and the rest would have gone without...) little boys adding them to the tray and little girls toppin' off with the American Flag! The Fruit Pizza was a hysterical sight to see in progress...add a few strawberries, trying ever so carefully to put them in a straight line, then eat a few, wash up again so we don't spread all our germs to the entire world and then add a few more, then eat, then wash up get the picture :) But what a masterpiece!!!


Sure glad I took a picture as I set it outside 'cause the next time I looked at the fruit pizza tray, it was just about empty...yum, yum, yum!

What is a family day without some swinging fun??? Here are our two little ones and our little granddaughter...they were loving playing many smiles and laughs -- I LOVE IT!

Let the games begin!
Time for a little competition...mostly friendly competition, the boys were a touch more unfriendly than the girls... But everyone had a blast!
We were able to spend the day with all of our kiddos...our daughter and her husband and little ones were with us...what a treat! Here I am with our two oldest daughters by my side ~ are they beautiful or what????
Here's my sweet Dad (known as Poppa to our kiddos) ~ I think he's feeling a touch worn-out with the circus that is surrounding him today...but he sure loves seeing our kids and oh how they adore him!
My Adorable Mom (known as Grammy to our kiddos) and Sweet Sister (known as Kimmy) ~ my mom worked so hard to put today together for all of us...I loved hearing her excitement as I talked with her before our get-together...she sounded so very happy! She truly loves sharing her time with us...they weren't able to join us for the fireworks that evening, but spending our day together was wonderful!
And here is the man of my dreams...our little "C" is taking photos and telling us to smile pretty...
From here, we headed to our next party of the evening ~ at our other Grandpa and Grandma's house...had time for a little face-painting (sure wish I had photos to show you of this, they loved it!) Both Grandma's in our life love putting on 4th of July parties...they do such a great job and work so hard to make everything as perfect as can be for all of us! Grandpa always makes sure to have a MILLION and a HALF (Seriously!!!) Fireworks and FIRECRACKERS for the boys to enjoy!!! The Firetruck showed up (Yes, Really!) to check on us at one point late in the night :) One of my sons is holding some crazy firework that is blasting things out of the end of it!!! aaauuuugggghhhh! Hmmmm...I'm not so sure all this fire and children are the greatest idea on earth (I'm secretly glad it only comes once a year...and so very relieved each year when I come home with my children all having all their fingers and toes still in place!)
We ended our night with the beautiful fireworks display in the park...something about watching fireworks in the sky just above you is such a MAGICAL moment! And all the "oohing and aahing" is really the best to hear from your kids, just makes me smile!
Our littlest one didn't quite make it back to the car...Gotta LOVE these wagons!!!
Hope your weekend was as fabulous as ours!