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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Peacemaker Update

Okay this is just the cutest...and how happy I feel that a lesson we gave actually meant something to at least one of our kids. For Family Home Evening a week or two ago, we did a whole HUGE lesson on being a Peacemaker ~ it was an attempt to lessen the contention happening around here.

The next day I was more than a little concerned that it all went right over their heads, when our little 4 year old came up to me crying. She said she couldn't earn the peacemaker award because I wasn't helping her "make any pieces"...
HUH??? What??? Oh dear...she just didn't get it at all!
Aaaaauuuuuggggghhhhhh....why do I try so hard...breathe momma, breathe!
So, I took a nice, deep refreshing breath, put on my happy face and re-explained that we weren't going to be making pieces of anything, we needed to be happy and kind and that would bring peace and we would be making peace happen, so we would be peacemakers.......
Only time would tell if she "got it" or not.

Well, today I was visiting with a friend of mine, (also our littlest one's primary teacher). She told me she had the funniest thing to tell me that our little girl had said to her...and how very, very intent she was as she told her!

Our little one very seriously approached her primary teacher, who had been working with her sister teaching the little 4 year olds, and asked her if she was a peacemaker. Her response was that she really tried to be a good sister and a peacemaker. Our little girl said, "Good, you MUST ALWAYS be a peacemaker with your sister!" Content with her primary teachers answer, she turned and walked away.

Hooray for those sweet little spirits! (After the morning of tears being shed over not "making pieces", she has been the one who prays that we'll all remember to be peacemakers and that we can be nice and kind and not hurt anyone and that we can remember how Jesus wants us to be!)