Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Part Two ~ More Fun!

Okay, lunch is now officially over. Those of you who have lots of boys know that means I have a very short amount of time until they are ready for their second lunch...always hungry, always hungry. A mom's work just never ends! Ha Ha

Speaking of work, I probably should be doing some, there is laundry waiting, dishes to do, floors to sweep and mop and vacuum. Saturday should, by all rights be a working day, but I needed a break today...and so do our kids ~ we all need a little down time now and then. Sometimes I think I had all these kiddos just to help me with the chores around the house ~ just kidding! but our kids are great helpers, I wanted them all to know how to do each and every job essential in running a household and they do! Hooray for me!!!

I just have to show you the cutest treat ever! My fabulous friend came up with this and did what I am sure had to amount to hours and hours of prep so we could make these adorable little goodies for our kiddos...

Cheeseburger and Fries Anyone???

Wow did they come a runnin'! Best Cheeseburger and fries ever, they'd like me to make them each day!

"Cheeseburgers" are made from a cupcake cut in half with a delicious little brownie in the middle, add some colored frosting for the ketchup, mustard and lettuce/pickle look, dip the top "bun" in a little sesame seeds and voila ~ you have the most adorable cheeseburger ever! Add some tasty "fries" (made from sugar cookies dough) and it's the perfect Happy Meal! Can't get any better than that!

Well what else has been fun around here?

School Days!!! Here are just a few of the crazy things we do around here...

Ever thought of using a mouse trap for anything other than catching a mouse???

Well, our son decided to turn one into a car...he was pleased with the great acceleration, but quite disappointed with the distance...


Science Experiment????

Can cell phones REALLY pop popcorn?

Well, our's did not, but the anticipation of waiting to see was very real.

I could see the wheels turning, "If a cell phone can pop popcorn, is it cooking my brain?"

WOW ~ Do other people's kids come up with this kinda stuff?

Having trouble figuring out what this photo is???

Well, it is an egg and was made by one of our little girls from modeling clay. She made it one night before bed, showed it to her Daddy and told him to wait until morning. Why wait until morning?

"It will turn into a bird in the morning, my egg will hatch!"

Well, being the amazing, magical dad that he is ~ he made that come true for her! Just one more reason to love him!!!

Up early the next morning, he set to work, creating the perfect bird!

Check out that impressive creation! She was thrilled ~ What A Dad!!!


Recently, actually over Valentine's Day, my dear hubby and I had a job in the mountains that we were able to travel to, do the work and then get to stay the whole weekend...What a great time for us to get away ~ that doesn't happen too often, but when it does, it is just the best! Here are a couple photos of our fun:

Had to take a shot at ice-skating. All the little kids were skating circles around us! He's showing off for me...just did a little twirly loop-ity-loop and didn't even fall over! Wow...

How cute is he (I meant my husband) the frog is cute too, but I couldn't believe he got me this giant stuffed animal for Valentines Day ~ it's got the whole googly eye thing goin' on with a heart with xoxoxo on it. Yeah, I got it made, he is soooo good to me!

Wow do I love him...this was just on our way out...we are ready to see our kiddos ~ it's a little crazy not having all the NOISE of busy little people running around!

Very seldom do we have quiet moments in our day ~ to tell you the truth, we are both so grateful for that ~ noise and busyness means we are really is good!

Until next time...