Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, January 11, 2010

What's for Dinner???

One of the biggest questions in a mothers day..."what's for dinner?"

Well, I've decided to have a little fun with blogging some new recipes and a few that we haven't made in quite a while. We'll be sure to have a thumbs up or thumbs down by the kids ~ aren't they our biggest critics with food anyway!? Hubby's are usually happy to come home to a nice warm home cooked meal ~ doesn't even really seem to matter what it is ~ if they could all be so easy to please!
Tonight's meal was a crowd pleaser!!! There's the Thumbs Up!!! I just LOVE that adorable little face!

Creamy Italian Chicken with Pasta...mmm, makes my mouth water just thinking about it!

Such an easy meal, just need a few chicken breasts - plop 'em in your crock pot, add a couple of blocks of cream cheese, couple cups of water, you'll need either italian seasonings from your cupboard or if you want to make it easy, grab an Italian Dressing packet from the store and throw one or two of them in. Mix it up and let it just simmer for the day. Sometime during the day when you have a free moment or two, shred your chicken and then toss it back in the cream sauce...then just let it cook some more.

Just before you're ready to eat, cook up any kind of pasta that your heart might desire (my choice for tonight was tortellini ~ cheese filled) Did I mention that it was simply delectable?

When the pasta is complete ~ either toss it all together or place pasta on your plates and spoon the Creamy Italian Chicken right over the top. I usually put a side of grated parmesan to add to the top if so desired by those eating.

Make a scrumptous tossed salad and you are set for a fabulous meal! And the best part is...the kids love it, too! One last very important thing I forgot ~make sure just before serving to find the best wooden spoon you have, place it in the sauce without a lid, give it just a few minutes, all calories will climb right up the spoon and out of your delish enjoy as much as you like!