Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Cupcake vs. Cake, The Ultimate Companionship Battle

Spent about an hour back and forth with my sweet Danielle this morning...she sounds wonderful!
She is still just as full of spunk and energy as ever.  I have no doubt she is keeping everyone on their toes in Hancock, but it sounds like they love her, not to my surprise at all...she is quite lovable!!!
Today, I am going to pack up the BEST CUPCAKE SUPPLIES EVER to send her way...
time to end this battle properly!  :)  
Be sure to enter into "The Contest"...
I'll be reporting to Danielle if it's Cupcake or Cake.  
Let the games begin!!!

Dearest Idaho people, and others,

I'm a month old as of Saturday, the 3rd!! 
Time flies!
This week was wonderful and we saw so many little miracles. 

This week I also found out that 
my companion is a psycho
She doesn't like cupcakes! 
Who is she?? 
Since that confession of hers / argument of ours, 
we have been holding a cake vs. cupcake poll. 
It's about 50/50, but I'm obviously the right one here. 

Also, as a result, one of our friends out here is referring to me as Sister Cupcake
I love it, and Sister B hates it. 
Which makes it all the better :) 
other than that little spat, we are getting along well here. 

Miracle of the week:
We were given a challenge at Zone Conference that was quite intimidating, and we were hesitant to try it out. But we decided to have faith that if the Lord gave us counsel to do something, that we would do it. When we applied the training, we were soooo nervous. But it worked! And we were hitherto humbled. And it just made me realize, that when we are asked to do something, that the Lord will always prepare the way before us if we will have the faith in Him.

Quote of the week: 
"Oh Sister Lytle, you're not our 'friend.' You're family here.
You heard Abe, I don't have to be nice to you! 
You're my sister now!  Kind of... you're just a special sister I guess. 
But I still don't have to be nice"  (Hailey is one of my favsies)

Sorry this is so short this week, but I love you all and will write you a long one soon!
Sister Lytle / Sister Cupcake

So, here's the deal...just write me a quick "Cupcake" or "Cake"
and I'll do the reporting to Danielle...She will LOVE it that we are joining in!!!  (Feel free to write anything else as well and I'll pass it on for her...thanks for joining in on the fun!)