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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, August 12, 2013

I can teach the gospel AND I can teach riding! Boooyah!

The latest news from Danielle (Sister Lytle)...Enjoy!

Dearest 208 dwellers,

I live in the land of area codes. 
Everyone has a different area code here because these states are too dang close together! 

Saturday night we had an appointment with one of our members but he called us before we got there and told us that he had a friend in from VA beach and that he wanted us to teach him, so we agreed. 
When we got to Brother Sanchez's home, 
we found the elders (still cooking dinner) 
and his friend/nephew, Jerard. 
Now, this was my first "real" lesson, and it was on the spot, so that was a little scary. 
And THEN the zone leaders where there as well!! 
We were fed dinner (which we were not planning on, the elders dinner was just running late, so we wound up eating there too... talk about full bellies!) and then we were asked to teach Jerard. 
It is amazing how Jesus Christ can heal the wounded and the weary. We hardly said anything to him, but that lesson was powerful and the spirit was so strong. 
Brother Sanchez had forgotten about his appointment with the missionaries, and had not planned to share the gospel with his nephew. But the Spirit told him time and time again that day that he needed to invite Jerard to listen to a message, and it's a good thing he listened. 

Jerard was going though a really rough time, and to watch him come to peace with his Savior and to remember His love for him was a beautiful thing. 

Today we went out to the barn with the Bricker-Hoffman family, and I got screamed at by a PIG! 
It was the funniest thing of my life. I think poor Ruth might have a heart attack tonight from being so mad at us. But I loved every second of it! 
I got to watch Haylee start a baby horse today, and it KILLED me not being able to ride! 
But instead I gave a riding lesson. 
I can teach the gospel AND I can teach riding! Boooyah! 
Nothing smells quite so good as being around horses. I forgot how much I missed that. But I was able to get my horsey fix in, and it was wonderful! 

We have such a fun week ahead of us! 
On Wednesday, we were going to go to the Temple Visitors Center with the Bricker-Hoffman family, but instead we have our New Trainers Meeting from 10-4...blahh. But we will reschedule that! 
And THEN!!!
On Friday night, the entire mission is going to an Oriels Baseball Game for Mormon Night! 
And of course, our Bishop is calling EARLY meetings that weekend. Haha :) this is the life. 

"Did y'all get the copy of that?" (Bishop)
"Did you just say "y'all"" (Ward council member) 
"What's wrong with "y'all'?"
"You're from Samoa"
"Yeah, Southern Samoa."

"Because that's what Jesus would do; when she handed Him that diet coke, He would have said, "Oh, thank you!"" -Sacrament meeting speaker (from the stake) Who knew Jesus likes diet coke?

Aimee had her dad pass away this week, and when we went to see her, she was reading out of the Book of Mormon (it's still her first time reading it) and she told us that when she opened it up, it was on the part where Lehi was dying. She told us of the peace she felt and how healing the Word of God can be in the hard times. It was incredible. Heavenly Father really does love us individually.

I love you all!!
Sister Lytle

This week, I received a text message with this photo of Danielle and a little message about her...

I was told what a wonderful missionary she is and how much they love her!  The girl in the middle is one that they have been working with ~ Hailee.  Danielle asks us to pray for is so fun to put a face with a name.  :)