Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Monday, July 29, 2013

My Bishop Wears a Skirt...

More news from Danielle!!!

It's me!  Your all time, favorite ever missionary! 
(Or at least one of your favorite missionaries, I hope!)

(As I read this, this is what I pictured...
with a "ta-da" inserted!!!)

Life is gooood. 
Wanna hear why? 
Miracles happen every single day
And I would count the change in weather as a major miracle as well... 
It is so much easier to be happy when you're not sweating through your dress. *gag* 
Also, we got a new AC!! 
Thanks to Elder Dunn telling me about how Elder Matthews keeps their apartment at 65, and how it is "so cold I get headaches" and I said, "are you kidding me, it's hotter inside than it is outside!" and he spilled the beans on up the lines (AKA: to his comps, who are the Zone Leaders, who spilled it up the lines and then begged the mission office that we got a new AC) until we got a new AC. Hooray! 
Elder Dunn tells me all the time that I look like his sister back at home, so he always makes sure to take good care of me and Sister Boman.  The other elders are slightly afraid of us, so they usually do what we tell them to do; otherwise Sister Boman throws things at them, and the members encourage her along the way.
One of the mission rules is that the junior companion (me!) gets to back the car out of the parking space, which is kind of a pain. So Sister Boman always tries to park in pull though places where we won't have to back out. And the Elders always make sure to park illegally in front of our car so that no matter where we park, we still have to back up. We haven't found a way to retaliate effectively yet, besides leaving angry sticky notes on their windshield. Who knew sharing an area with a set of elders was so hard?!

This week, we had a baptism scheduled for a girl named Aimee. 
She is AMAZING. 
Her 8 year old sister was baptized a month ago, and the rest of the family is in various stages of investigating the church. They will be temple ready soon though, I can just see it. Her date kept getting pushed back from circumstances she couldn't control, and it almost got pushed back again this week! But we were able to keep it, and she was so excited! 
Then on Saturday morning, we finished getting everything ready, and she came down with HAND, FOOT AND MOUTH. 
But that wasn't going to stop her. 
She showed up to the baptism with a mask on her face, a gigantic thing of hand sanitizer, and she sounded like Bane (from voice at all!) And she was baptized. Her whole family came. It was so special.

The next morning Elder Dunn and I were supposed to speak. And the bishop told us, "Oh yeah, it'll only be like 10 minutes and it can be on whatever you want" 
(PS. I hope you read that in an Island accent, because he said that the week before during a meeting, in which he showed up in a skirt and was still fixing his tie. Haha) 
So we came to church with 10 minute talks, to find out we were the only speakers. 
(Good thing this little girl of ours has the gift of gab...I'm sure she had no problem at all filling the time...Undoubtedly, her Daddy would say she comes by it naturally.  ;)  )
So Aimee was confirmed (even sicker this day than the night before) and she was glowing. After I spoke, Elder Dunn got up and Looked right at her and told her, 
"Don't stop now, this is only the beginning." 
And I SAW her in the temple. 
She was so beautiful. 
I really knew at that moment that baptism makes people clean
because I saw it take all the past sins of her life away and she was pure. 

Miracle of the week:
Karrie is a less active returning to church. She has major issues that she is working through and really struggling with. But when I walk into her house, I feel like I'm home. And I didn't understand it until last night when she was given a blessing to help her though the hard times she is fighting with. Heavenly Father sees how hard she is trying, and even though He knows she is far from perfect, and knows she is still living in sin, He knows she is doing her best to over come it and she has the spirit in her home. I almost bawled at her house last night when I realized that. We don't have to be perfect to have the spirit with us at all times. We simply have to be doing our best to become better. Our homes can be a temple if we will put forth the effort to make them that way. 

Line of the week: 
"Yeah, I mean, it's tougher than a $2 steak!"

Meats of the week: 
BBQ beef on a roll... I did okay with it. 

Quote of the week: 
"I never aimed to hit the target 50% of the time; I aimed to hit it 100% of the time, and if I fell short, so be it." 
Even if we're only at 25%, we shouldn't aim for 50%, we should aim for 100% and if we fall short, so be it. At least our eye was on the target the whole time. 

I love the freak out of you all!! 
Keep being good! 
Sister Lytle