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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

"Oh, That's Glamorous..."

Add a large side of sarcasm to the above line
and that's the lovely response I received recently while at one of my business meetings.

I'm certain she didn't mean to be so...
So downright rude as she made her remark after asking me the standard
"So what do you do?" question.
To which I responded something to the effect of,
"Oh, I own a carpet cleaning company...blah, blah, blah, blah."
I know it truly doesn't sound that "Glamorous", but it is my life and I'm pretty okay with it. :)

And to give her credit,
I am certain she would have loved to have eaten her words as soon as they left her lips,
but the fact is once words are spoken they are there,
can't erase them,
can't erase the good
or the bad they may cause.

I felt squeamish and uncomfortable with this more-glamorous-than-I woman standing in front of me...
I honestly couldn't tell you what she does or even what she looks like.
I was a bit shell-shocked...
but only momentarily.
I joked back with her agreeing that no, carpet cleaning in itself may not be glamorous,
but it sure has afforded me a life that is
and just how much I love the company that my husband and I own.
That was about all that I said to her and went on about my merry business of meeting and greeting others in hopes to NEVER have that same response.

I should actually thank her on a couple of accounts:
First, I need to find JUST THE RIGHT WORDS to make this wonderful little family business of ours sound deserves more credit and I will choose my words more wisely from now on so that I leave a lasting impression on others.
I'm liking the ring of "I own the WORLD'S GREATEST CARPET CLEANING COMPANY!"
Sounds a little arrogant, but I bet it will catch some attention. :)

I left that meeting with "those words" ringing in my ears and ended my evening with positive thoughts replacing them...
"Oh, that's glamorous" just doesn't sit well.
No I'm not some fancy shmancy super model with the "career" that backs it up.
I don't sell any products to make me beautiful,
I don't sell fancy houses,
I'm not an interior designer,
I don't own a sweet little boutique on the edge of town,
I don't...
I'm not...
(fill in the ideal glamorous job here...the list could be endless)

But I am pretty fantastic in my very own way, sometimes I just have to remind myself of who I am and knock out those ugly thoughts that so easily flood my mind.

I wonder had I said to her,
"Oh, I'm a writer/author and psychology junkie!
I am a parent educator with a focus on teaching families how to embrace mutual respect, resiliency and self-reliance!
I am raising a large family and enjoy my days teaching my children and many others that come to our "school" each week (when I'm not running our business)!
I'm a wife to a man who thinks I am about the most glamorous thing that ever walked the earth and he makes me feel it day in and day out!
I am ....!!!"

As I left for my drive home that evening, I replayed in my mind the many people I had visited with, yet, SHE kept coming back to me...
Yes, I was bothered...
I was even a little irritated and felt a little less-than compared to all those that are selling the "glamorous items" in life...
And then all of a sudden, I was talking myself out of these ugly feelings and talking my self up!
That's what we need to do at times, talk us back up!

I wasn't about to let this one little line change me for a second...
time to move on and look at all that is full of sparkle and shine in my life!
I have one ROCKIN' GLAMOROUS LIFE...and I am so happy to be living it!!!