Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Flea Spray and Dogs are NOT BFF's...

Danielle's news...I'm a few days late posting, but I added pictures for you!!!

As we all know, family is the
And this week, I got to go to TWO FAMILY REUNIONS with my MTC family! 
My life is fantastic! 
I have missed those dorks so much! 

(I was able to go on to the blog for Danielle's mission area to find some photos...yay!!  She looks so good!  And btw, I'm pretty certain she wasn't saying these darling sisters were the "Dorks" she was missing...I'm guessing that would be the guys.  Just goin' off Danielle's normal language.)  :)

On Wednesday last week, we had our new trainers meeting, and when we walked into the doors, Sister JJ attacked me with a hug, and it felt so good. 
A few moments later I saw Elder Moore and Elder Knudsen plowing through the crowd of missionaries in front of them and nearly crawling over the top of the piano toward me. 
Not hugging them was the hardest thing of my life (and I'm not exaggerating that at all.) 
In 22 1/2 months, I can hug those boys until their eyes bulge out. 
But they might not be "boys" at that point anymore... they're going to grow up! 
My little brothers won't be as little anymore! 

Seeing everyone at that meeting was so good. 
Sister Little and Sister JJ and I had a really good group hug... it made the world feel so right. 
Even though 8 of my people are in different areas of the mission, it's so fun to have one of my "brothers" out in Hancock with me. 
But that meeting felt like going home for the weekend, and it made missing my Idaho home a little bit less, because I got a taste of how good it will feel when I come home and get to hug my real life brothers and sisters! And actually be able to hug you three boys back home! 
(Oh this makes me miss her so much...I can't wait for her hugs!!!)

On Friday, we had the Orioles vs Rockies baseball game, and my purple hair bow made the Rockies win!   Yay for me! 

Before the game, we went to a ladies home and gave her dogs a bath. This lady is fairly special needs and an absolute hoot. 
Pea Wee Underfoot and Little Bear had quite the bath, and I found out that flea spray and dogs are not BFF's, but it was still pretty funny. 
The game that night was super fun too~ and I got to see my family again!

I forgot to tell you all, but apparently people think I'm a brown kid... seeing as though they gave me a SPANISH PLANNER! I love it. But it's somewhat confusing having it all in another language. It makes me laugh though every time I look at it. 
I had Elder Bills read the first few pages of it in his Spanish Radio Announcer voice the other day... he knows no Spanish, which made the experience even better. 

Brooke will have her baby on Friday! And we are SO EXCITED! 
Haylee is reading the Book of Mormon, and the weekly scripture study that we just started is a major hit. Hooray! 
Brother Sanchez had his nephew in town the past two weeks, and we were able to be there and teach him some lessons, and the spirit was amazing. 
The gospel is so true, and it brings so much peace to peoples lives. 
I'm amazed as I watch it heal the hidden wounds of those around me. 

You all should check out the Maryland Baltimore Mission blog! Sister Richards puts all kinds of pictures of us up on it! And I should be there this last week!

While looking though the ward list, I found a few really funny email addresses... and I wonder if the members know that people actually read them. 
A few prime examples are: crazyladylikeafox, and keepingcovenants@myactive. 

I made it a personal goal that sometime in the eternities, I will hug everyone in existence
It's a good thing I've got forever to work on that goal. 
For now, I'll just work on all the women in the tri-state area. haha:)  

"Oh no, never mind... brain fart." 
"TECHNICAL FOUL. Don't use the F-word in ward council!"
*singing* "The wise man built his house upon the ___?" 
"Farm?" (Yesssss.... this little kid knows where it's at)
"Sisters, Hermanas, *throws a gang sign* Duces." *Brother Schriever exits the church building*

I love you all! Have fun in the Boise Smog! 
I'll keep on enjoying the beautiful rain and clear air here :) 
You're all the best. 
I really do love and appreciate you all!
Sister Lytle