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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bucking the NORM... Embracing the Unique!

There is no one right answer, 
no perfect mold, 
no one-size-fits-all form of education that is sure to work for every person. 
So many feel that they must conform to the norm, but just because the majority is doing it still doesn’t make it right or best. 
Every family is different and unique, so embrace your uniqueness and go for what feels like the best fit for education for your family and each of your children. 
Give up being “normal” just so you can fit in with the crowd. 

Yes, you will stand out. 
Yes, others may think you’ve totally lost it. 
Yes, some days you will also think you’ve totally lost it! 
Yes, you can customize a unique education for each child within your responsibility without ruining your kids
Your kiddos are counting on you to be sensitive to their needs and their individuality, and to bravely and courageously buck the norm if need be! 

Time and again, I am confronted with inquiries of WHY on EARTH I would wish to keep my kids home for their education instead of sending them on their merry little way to the local school. I have nothing against the schools; I may not love everything they do, but that is NOT the reason I have chosen to have our kiddos home with us. 
It’s because I choose to embrace each and every moment with them; 
to focus on their strengths 
and to help them overcome their weaknesses; 

to help them see that there is nothing out of their reach, 
and no one knows them better than I do, so no one can do that better than I can.
Often there is some doubt and hesitation on the part of well-meaning family and friends, but I’ve decided to be happy in spite of that. 

I’ve also dealt with the opposing side of this, as we’ve seen that the most fitting situation for a certain child or two might be to give them a shot at a Math class or an elective in the public school . . . 
Some homeschooling families quiver and shake at these ideas, feeling that they are abandoning their decision to homeschool if they even allow their kids to step foot in a public school setting, or any foreign school setting. It may as well be a conversion to the Dark Side. 
Instead, I know I’m being open to inspiration for my children as individuals. 
Their needs change, 
or our circumstances change, 
and life changes; 
I need to be willing to be ready to accept new experiences. 
Again, there is no one right way to do any of this; there are many ways, and we just do our best to do our best in the circumstances. 

I wish to arm you with the 
courage to invite those difficult conversations 
and share with others the unique opportunities you are offering your children, when they’re truly interested. 
I wish for you to kick the idea of “normal” right out the window
and show others that may question you that you have found something that is a better, happier fit for your family (whatever that may look like). 
I wish freedom for you from all doubt and fear

Revisit WHY 

you chose to walk down this path in the first place, and you will feel centered again.
Others won’t always understand your choices and decisions, AND THAT’S OKAY
Soothe fears and worries when you feel you can, and even include them, if possible. 
Maybe throw a huge “Back-to-School Party” and invite those wary and questioning souls to join you. Your excitement and preparedness will speak volumes and may prove to be just the peace and comfort they need.

Don’t make a place in your heart for anger or resentment; 
this is your time to enlighten others, and, if they won’t be enlightened, to be happy with the plans you’ve made with your family anyway! 
As you “stay the course” and follow the path you have chosen, others’ hearts may change . . . 
and if they don’t, you can still enjoy the magic that happens when you do what you know in your heart to be right for that unique family of yours.