Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Blogs, Inhalers, & A Few Amazing Writers...

I've come down with a horrible, nasty cold...finally went to the Doc today.
I DO NOT go to "that place" unless I absolutely have to.
Woke up thinking I have to go...just a tad worried that pneumonia was trying to enter into my world again and I really do not want a repeat of last year's hospital stay.  As great as they treated me...I much prefer my very own home.

So, I took myself in...
Pneumonia was a negative!
Bronchitis and a bit of a tongue lashing were what I walked away with.
Well those coupled with Azithromycin and a new Inhaler.

Why the tongue lashing?
Well that may be strong language...
it was actually the Doc's way of politely saying

Asthma is a yucky thing to have...causes all sorts of extra problems.
If you get a little sniffle, it turns into something HUGE.
Doc assures me that if I will keep up on my inhaler, life will be easier...
so inhaler in hand I will be!

The one positive side of being sick is that I have had hours when I cannot sleep (but don't feel well enough to do much of anything else) to work on
creating ideas for my new blog. 
I will doing something new and great!
A New Blog...bigger and better and more beautiful and all that good stuff!
How exciting is that???
If you saw my last post...My plan is to do one brave thing a day!
I just did it...I announced that I am doing this...
NOW I can't be a scaredy-cat and change my mind cause I just told ya!
SO there...How is that for being Brave???

I will be combining everything from my current blog (yep, the one you are reading right now) and everything from my website.  My wheels are turning as I plan what I wish to share each day on this New BLOG!
I have been checking out blog after blog after blog...
what do I love,
what do I not love so much?
What speaks to me...
what makes me want to just hang out on a blog and never leave
 and what makes me want to click right back out.

I cannot wait to show YOU the fun things I am coming up with!  So many thoughts, so many ideas!

I will be looking for contributing writers,
SO if you are interested. let me know...the time is quickly approaching!
SOOOOOO excited!