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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!!!

What magical words to a mother....

I have to say I feel like I am rating pretty high on the Mom scale today...I have been more than sufficiently pampered and spoiled on this particularly lovely day! 

I awoke to a flying airplane coming my direction first thing this morning...inside was tucked the sweetest little note containing I Love You's and Happy Mothers Day.  And it just kept going all day.  Before church I was given four perfectely adorable homemade flower pins to wear to church (and YES, I wore them ALL proudly...)

At church our daughter,. Danielle had been asked to speak in Sacrament...what a treat, although I cried my eyeballs out. 
It is truly rewarding to hear how your children REALLY feel about you.   Her topic was Individual Worth and the Worth of a Mother...she did such a beautiful job tying it all together.  I feel very blessed to be her Momma. 

Here are some of the things she said --
(I snuck her notebook so I could copy...cause it was just so sweet that I NEVER, EVER want to forget)  This is one of those things that a Mom needs to come back to on hard days, just to remember that her kiddos do think the world of her, even though that isn't shared quite so freely all year long as it is on this special day of the year...

So for a little background -- Danielle had been praying one night after a particularly troubling time in her life, she felt very alone, very unhappy and was pleading with the Lord to send someone to care.   She shared that at that point, it dawned on her that someone did care, her Mother cared and that even if no one else would, that Mom would care and would hug her and mean it.  She came to me and asked for a hug and cried and shared her sorrows...and then later wrote these words...
"God must have a mother. 
If He didn't, He never could have created mine...
because Perfection does not come without a blueprint."

Holy Smokes...I did not see that coming, nor do I feel I deserve such an amazing compliment, but I will forever treasure these words she wrote and more than that, the fact that she believes this of me. 

Another powerful statement she wrote, "I never have to beg God to send me someone who cares because He sent me to her the first time...I'm so grateful that God was mindful enough of me to put me where I needed to be and with a girl who was taylor made to be MY Mom and help me grow into myself."

What a blessing it was to listen and watch this beautiful daughter of ours today...

After church, the fun and surprises just kept a comin'...

My kids worked so hard on the sweetest homemade gifts...these are my FAVORITES!!! 
I love to see their creativity...
I received some beautiful little hand written and illustrated cards,
a Happy Mother's Day sign from Danielle,
a poem from Wyatt,
"flower pots" made out of popsicle sticks and paper flowers from Wyatt and the little girls,
a clean house from Myles
(that was his way of saying "i love you mom", I asked him for a love letter and he just smiled and gave me a gigantic hug...that works!!!) 

And then Bryce spent an immense amount of time building me a planter box for my flowers... this one produced some momma tears...
Our kids are all so thoughtful!  I love the way they each show their love...not one of them, just like the other...they are such perfect kiddos! 
I was able to talk with Shealyn on the phone today, but unable to actually see her...they have a nasty flu bug floating around in their house right now...I really missed seeing her, but it was great to hear her sweet voice!  It's an amazing experience to be the Momma to a new momma!  She is doing so well with her little ones and I love watching her grow ... I really believe their is no growth so life-changing and important as that of learning to be the momma! 

After talking with Shealyn, the spoiling continued...My boys and Danielle all made a fantastic lunch for me and then all the kids cleaned up.   And I have to say they did a pretty wonderful job...scrumptous burritos with some mighty tasty guacamole...mmmm, mmmm, good!

Lastly, I was blessed to go see my Mom...she is such a wonderful woman...I love her more than words could ever express...I treasure her and just as Danielle said so eloquently this morning in church, I believe that God did send us to our moms who were prepared and selected for us and I will be eternally grateful for the example of such a compassionate and "perfect" mother.

I should say that I have been spoiled rotten today...
even as I write this I am listening to my littlest sweetie pies singing away,
You give me a hug, you give me a kiss...
then they skip over to --
I know a name, a glorious name, dearer than any other
I whisper you the name, it is my mother...
(don't know if that is exactly how it goes, but that is what I am hearing in the background...unbelievable sweetness!!!!)

Happy Mother's Day to me  :0)