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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Funny Kids

Today while driving to the library to pick up a book for our read aloud time, my youngest son piped up with this:  "I think I'm gonna need a few jobs when I'm old...I'm gonna work at Moxie Java, and be a cop, and work at McDonald's." 

Okay???   I just had to ask the crazy question, "Why would you want to work at Moxie Java and McDonald's?"  I already knew he wanted to be a cop but the other two were new ones for me to hear.  His reply was pretty adorable ~ kids!!!

"Well, if I work at Moxie Java I can drink all of the hot chocolate I want and when I work at McDonald's I get a free lunch."  I guess that makes perfect sense, especially if you are a 10 year old boy!

Next funny child moment:

My baby is about to turn 6 in just a couple of days!!!  Not really sure how that crept up so quickly, but it sure has.  Anyway, today she checked the mailbox and there was some serious excitement happening!  There was an envelope for her.  When she read her name on the mail, I think she was ready to do flips in the air!  But, wait it gets even better ~ the mail was from Toys R Us...She ripped open that envelope and inside was a birthday card and a coupon for $3!  You'd have thought it was worth $300.00!!!  She was so excited she could hardly contain it  ~ and then all of a sudden her face got really serious, she looked at me and said "WOW, I didn't even know they knew my name!"

A couple of days ago, she also made us all laugh...she has had these two crazy loose teeth that just did not want to give it up and held on for the longest time ~ we kept calling her "snaggle-tooth" cause one on the top has just been barely hanging on and she refused to let anyone touch it!  Anyway, this little one LOVES corn on the cob, but has not been able to eat it with these pesky loose teeth.  Well, one afternoon the first tooth popped out and then magically just a day or so later the second one gave it up too.  No more loose teeth!  She was semi excited about the Tooth Fairy ~ but elated that she'd be able to eat corn on the cob again.  I just didn't have the heart to tell her that without those two front teeth, corn on the cob eating would be more than a little difficult.

Gotta love kids!!!