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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away...

So...what do you do when the rain just will not let up, it's been raining for days on end ~ with no end in sight... and you feel anything but "Up"?
Well, if you have friends like might just take off at a moments notice for a six hour adventure! Maps in hand ~ ready to take on the world...
It started out as kind of a joke with an email that my sweet friend sent me -- saying something to the effect of -- I think we should jump in the car and head to the Farm Chicks Antique Show in Spokane.

Hmmm, twist my arm a little harder...
needless to say...that is just what we did! Made a few arrangements, gave out our kisses and hugs, packed a change of clothes and out the door we raced!

No we did not drive this adorable old milk truck...but I think I might have! It was just too cute to not have a photo of!
Tomorrow I will be sharing some really great photos to uplift and inspire you...just being there is an leave and all you can think of is what can I create, what could I do? How cute would it be if I...
So, be looking for some fun photos ~ should be arriving tomorrow if I make it to the store to purchase batteries to download the pictures from the camera...keep your fingers crossed that I won't forget!

This is my dear friend, Corrie, isn't she just adorable!!! This was just as we were leaving to head back home to our families...Yes we are a little goofy in this photo. A sweet little woman took our photo ~ check out the hair pieces we've got goin', too could have one for the mere price of $78.00. We didn't really purchase, but had a fun moment with our little crowns happening. Thought my little girls would love this picture and I was totally correct in this thinking ~ they think I'm soooo cute, I think I look a little "crazy" or something -- don't know what was up with that smile (maybe it was the fact that the sweet little lady taking our photo was struggling and I was therefore struggling to keep a smile happening on my face) Well, at any rate, I had to share this photo because it was such a fun QUEEN moment.

Well, with any luck at all, today will be the last day of our rainy season ~ I thought we lived in Idaho??????? Not sure what is up with all this rain, I'm way ready for the SUNSHINE on my face, but I do have to say the grass sure looks lush and green! So, the rain is good for something -- we have to look for the good in all things (I'm proud of myself for finding one with the rain, I had to dig way deep inside myself, but the positive was there...hooray!)

Until tomorrow (or the next day, if my tomorrow is a blur...) Can't wait to share my other photos with you ~ you will absolutely LOVE them!