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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Please bear with me...

I need to write and gripe for just a brief moment or two and then I'll be all better and I can move on and smile at the world...but at this precise moment, I don't feel like smiling at much of anyone! Whoa, I'm a little too crabby to be writing, but if after all is said and done -- I feel better, it will have all been worth it. Or will it? Will I have guilt for being such a crabby woman, for expressing it outwardly, instead of just dealing with it all inside? Will I regret the blatant, obvious rebellion I feel at the moment for trying to be a nice person? Will I wish that I hadn't written this, admitting to anyone reading, what a huge grouchy person I can be?
Not sure, hope not, cause the whining is about to begin!!!

Don't know what it is about this day in particular, but it's feeling a little like a "pick on Stacey day" for some reason. (Would you like to join in on my pitty-party?) I know I'm being a little pathetic today...that's why I asked you to bear with me in the beginning.

Have you ever just had a day where you are pretty sure that you don't really matter in this big, wide world? That you were meant for walking on, looking past or just simply not worth the time of day???
Or maybe it's even more than that...
maybe the real feeling deep inside is that it is up to you (ALWAYS) to adjust your life, your schedule, your ideas, your thoughts, etc. etc. to make life a little easier and better for those around you, because heaven knows they must be a little more important than you. You can surely change everything you have going on to accomodate their needs.
(That may have been just a little too much honesty coming from my thoughts through to my fingers and finally onto this blog)
Should I erase it?
Should I leave it?
Hmmmm, Maybe it will help someone else, so I'll just leave it...
(wow, that actually felt kinda good, I'm just a little worried how it will feel a couple of hours from now...better hit publish quick, before I chicken out and erase it all...)

Okay, I've whined, I think I might be a little better.
Gonna take myself on a walk up and down my lane a few times, since I can't actually leave my yard (leaving my little ones alone!)
I think when I'm done there, I'll be healed...
Breathe in, Breathe out...
it's just one day and tomorrow will be a little brighter. :)
Thanks for bearing with me and my whining moment!

I am already feeling a little guilt and it's only been a couple of minutes here...I truly do love to help others (it gives me such great joy). I guess what makes me unhappy is when it is expected of you to always do everything, to bend over backwards and when you don't meet exactly what someone else might wish of you, there is a great amount of disappointment and discontent shared with you. Well, anyway. Like I said, tomorrow will be a brighter day.

Please share any bright, happy stories with me...I'd so love be uplifted by YOU! Thanks :)