Homeschool Conference!!!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

My Grammy Bragging Moment

So....Here is the Grammy Moment you've all been waiting for!!!
And after looking at their adorable photos...I'm adding my confession or my story or whatever you wish to call it for those of you who cannot believe I am a Grammy. It is sooooo true and I am so very lucky to be a momma to so many adorable kiddos and then to have the bonus of adorable babies by one of our babies!!! Wow, life amazes me!

Look at that little cutie pie finding her Easter Eggs, what fun she was!!!

Check out those amazing blue eyes ...He's gonna be a charmer!

One of her absolute favorites in the world is her POPPI!!! How adorable is that!? My Dear Hubby is a Poppi now, just makes me smile! He's just the greatest!!!

It's birthday time ~ 2 years old already!!! She's not a huge fan of birthday cake, so her momma made her mud cups with these fun, happy little flowers. It was perfect and all the kids looked like they had played in mud by the time they were finished eating it!!!
Just an incredible side note ~ this little angel was born on her Daddy's Birthday ~ who could ask for a better gift than that!!! I should have him in this photo, too. One coming soon........
Okay...Time to spill my guts....Put my heart out on my sleeve...Tell 'ya my story...
I had one of my very closest friends in the whole world ask me a couple of days ago why I always avoid giving a direct answer when people are so shocked at my having a daughter old enough to be married and then even more shocked with my being a Grandma or (Grammy!!!)
Well, I had to think about it a little and it's actually been on my mind a ton since that day. So, I guess I'll just let it all out here and now...
I was married at 16, had my oldest daughter at 17. My marriage was not great and did not last for long. When Shealyn was just 2 months old, I left because I knew that the kind of life I was living was not what I wanted for myself and absolutely not the life I wanted my precious little girl. We both deserved so much more than that and I was determined to make it the best I could!!! So onto a life of being a Single Momma...
My parents were the best...They stood beside me through everything and were there willing and ready to help me every step of the way! They made being a Single Mom possible and much happier than it would have been had I been completely alone, they were my strength when I had none of my own!
I've been asked many times if I had it to do all over again, would I change anything? I can honestly say I would not. The reason for this is...I would not be the person I am today if I did not go through the trials that have brought me where I am. And the blessing of having such a beautiful daughter helped me to persevere and to push myself beyond my own limits, time and again, because I wanted the BEST in life for her!!!
I met my Dear Husband, when she was 6 years old, we married when she was eight and just after her 10th Birthday, everything was complete, Chad was finally able to adopt her! OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!!!!!! The greatest thing about all of this was that my husband loved her just as much as he loved me and she knew it, he always treated her as his own. She is his daughter, He is her Daddy and that is just all there is to it...he raised her, taught her to become who she is today and loved her through and through!
I could give you my thoughts on the whole biological dad thing, but I'll spare you and just let you know that sometimes I believe there are very special people waiting out there to bless and change our lives and that Heavenly Father just holds onto them long enough for us to be Really ready for the Wonder that they are! That is just exactly what my husband has been for both of us!
So there you have it, especially for all the homeschooling momma's that never really knew my story-- asked me, only to be left without a complete, honest answer!
Sorry I wasn't able to open up when you would gasp in unbelief, ask me if I had birthed this child, told me I looked like I couldn't even be the mother of our 16 year old..................
But I guess I just wasn't comfortable enough with myself to have a possible negative judgement and have others (You) think less of me.
I am so thankful to Corrie for helping through this...I am not ashamed of who I am, who I was or of the many choices I've made in my life. And most of all, I am not ashamed of having this beautiful little girl (even if maybe it wasn't in the best possible situation) she is and always has been a beautiful blessing to me and I will proudly tell my story anytime I am asked.
So there you have it....MY STORY OF BECOMING A MOMMA AND A GRAMMY!!!