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Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Look at all those beautiful little feet two people can create!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Never take TODAY for granted...

I spent a little of my afternoon with a dear friend...
My sweet hubby was cleaning her carpets and I was in the area after one of my business meetings so I stopped by to say Hello.

This friend of mine is an absolute inspiration.
She exudes beauty in all forms.
Her light explodes from her eyes as she speaks to you.
Her gentleness is enveloping and refreshing.

She hides her pain well.
I see no bitterness in her.
I feel only the best when I listen to her.
I know the pain is there because she has expressed it to me, but even then...she does so with such grace.
She lost her husband and only son in an accident a number of years ago.  She has never remarried and has raised 4 beautiful daughters on her own; two are still home with her.

Her home is welcoming and peaceful...
She is peaceful...

I was not peaceful.

I was while in her presence,
but, my heart ached for her...
And tonight as I sit here thinking of her
I wonder how she is...
I mean how she REALLY is.

Is she always so strong?
I can't think she is...
I hate to think of the quiet moments in her own safe place that she lets go,
that she yearns for her husbands arms around her again,
for her sweet son and his laughter filling the air,
the moments when she goes back to the days they once filled.

I can hardly stand to think of the empty place her heart holds for them...
wouldn't it have been more than enough to bear to have lost one of them?
Why two?
Why should any mother or wife have to endure such pain and heartache?

I wish I could take it from her, I wish I could bring them back for her...

I feel like she and I are so much alike,
yet we've known each other for such a short time.
There are those people in your life that when you meet them, you just KNOW you were meant to share something special with them.
I have been lucky in my life to have had this happen on a few occasions and I treasure those beautiful friends I have been blessed with!

I had to chuckle to myself when I walked into her home and saw this sign prominently hanging in a place she would often see it.

This is one of my very favorite signs that hangs in my home!
It brings peace to my heart and empowers me.
I guess it gives me permission, if you will, to bE me...

It really didn't even surprise me to see it in her home,
again, I just chuckled;
it seemed so fitting, so perfect.

She has done such amazing things with her life
even when life didn't go as she would have planned.

I have to wonder if I would be as strong as she is.
She has faith that is unwavering and beautiful ~
one more reason she is such an inspiration to me.

As I left her today, I wanted to wrap her up in a hug that could fill her cup to overflowing.
I looked at the photos on her walls of her handsome little son and her husband, whom she obviously adored and I felt an emptiness in my heart for her...

As I returned home this evening, I looked at my sons and my daughters and my hubby and was completely overcome with gratitude for the blessings they each are in my life.

There are far too many days that I just waste away,
days that I may not express my love and adoration for those I love the most in this world.
I take days for granted,
assuming there will be another
and another
and another...
there may not be...

Life is fragile,
it is uncertain,
it is precious...

I know my life is a gift.
I know the days I have with my children and my husband are a gift.
And I hope that I will never again take my TODAY's for granted.

My heart is with my friend this night...
she will be in my prayers.
The prayer I wish most for her is that she feels the love of her Savior wrapping His arms around her and giving her the comfort and the solace that she may need.
I know she waits for the day she will be reunited with her son and her husband ~
what a joyous occasion that will be.

As for me,
I will be more intentional about seeing those joyous occasions that happen daily right before my eyes and I will treasure each and every one.

Never again will a day go by that I will not be thankful and mindful of its blessing...